Posted on November 2, 2013
Location: London

Ex-Indian cricket captain and now a television commentator, Sunil Gavaskar, said: “There are lots of Diwali sale going on today, every shop has a label “Everything must go”. Everything is going out, in Bangalore today, out of the park, out of the stadium. Rohit has started the fireworks, well early during the day”. Honestly what a innings by Rohit Sharma - 209 runs all by himself?, with 16 sixes and 12 fours. Many world records were set up and broken today!

It was a cricket match of its kind - a true deewali bonanza. India prepared a HUGE target of 383 runs for Australia, and Australia fell short by 57 runs despite James Faulkner's valiant 116. Brilliant effort by Australia team though. I quite like their new captain…he is such a sport, such a match winner, such a smiley man and such a brilliant bats man. George Bailey. Great thing about him is: he is always smiling. All other Australian captains I have seen so far are all serious types, except for Gilchrist, for the few matches he stood captain for Australia, in the absence of Ricky Ponting.

Deewali is such a widely celebrated function in India and for Indian living abroad, that we receive plenty Deewali wishes in the form of text messages, emails, FB messages and what not. A Friend of mine from India; asked me to help him compose a “Deewali wishes” TYPE-thing, which he can circulate to his friends though SMS. I was confused for a bit…shall I compose wishing “Prosperity?”, “Health?”, “Wealth?” or “Life?” or “Happiness?” or my favourite word “Smile”?

Analytical mind went on thinking: most of the time people don't hear what we tell them, even if we are telling them a truth. Unfair to blame other. We don’t hear as well. We always hear what we want to hear or what we want to believe. We even get so caught up in our own beliefs; that we twist the messages to match our expectations. There are too much of emotions involved in a communication. Because of these extreme emotions we fail to remain conscious, where we understand and being understood. Everything will make sense; will be agreed and audible... as long as we are slow, tactful and conscious in our communication. And what a wonderful world will that be to live in, if that ever happens!!!

So I typed the message as: “I wish you all; being understood, with agreeable and pleasant communication, in all your dealings in life, during this Deewali and always”. How about that?

I want to wish the same to all my friends on this auspicious occasion of lights, ALSO WITH: brightness, colours, happiness, sweets, Ladoos, food, Smiles, New cloths, Flowers…and everything else. HAPPY DEEWALI!

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