My freedom of speech on Gujurat Politics!

Posted on July 28, 2013
Location: London
My freedom of speech on Gujurat Politics!

Group of fellow ministers, from his own ministry, wrote a letter to President Barack Obama, not to allow their chief minister (Of Gujarat state of India) with a visa to visit United States of America. How humanly and cowardly is that!

Here is my freedom of speech. I don’t support a political party in India. But what I understand, Narendra Modi has achieved, what is in his scope (essentially the state that he is responsible for), what we all admire of happening in CHINA, largely. Growth, sustained GROWTH. Informed Growth. Educational Growth, Agricultural Growth, Industrial Growth.

I am yet to find a Gujurati (resident of state Gujurat in India) saying: “We don’t like Narendra Modi, we want him to go...”. So how does it matter to us and our shouting? I call it jealously. The man has provided all the platforms (Feedback through website, telephone, personal meetings) to challenge his decision, clarify it from him and work with him, which has been a rare attempt in India, till date, anyways! I am quite fascinated with the idea of Narendra Modi being the next Prime Minister of India. And I want to see whole India, transform with the path of prosperity that Gujurat sustained; for over a decade now under Narendra Modi’s leadership!

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