Formula for Survival is ?

Posted on January 13, 2014
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Formula for Survival is ?

Dinosaurs could not survive but we did. Tigers are finishing but we humans are growing. That's probably the reason why Charles Darwin said, the strongest species do not survive, and neither do the intelligent species. It is the specie which is adaptable to change, can survive, will survive and has survived always!

This can essentially be applied in business context as well. My Accounting studies taught me to treat a business organization, as a separate individual, a separate entity from the people who own it or control it. Fair enough, if business organization has to be treated as a separate entity, it has to qualify the similar survival protocol as well i.e. being adaptable to change.  It is not easy to be adaptable to change because change means innovation, betterment, advancement etc. And we will be adaptable, when we are capable of developing innovation from within ourselves. And we can be innovative, only when we are mentally and physically strong. So formula for survival is = Adoptable to change + Being Intelligent + Being Strong.

Encouraging, Planting & nurturing an innovative idea is the responsibility of the leadership team. Communicating down the ideas to all levels of the organization hierarchy is their responsibility as well. Ensuring that an innovative idea can possibly a viable/profitable endeavour is their responsibility too. It has always been top-down approach so far but to make it bottom-up is their responsibility as well. Providing necessary platform to allow bottom-up innovations to rise up to top-management is the responsibility of leadership team as well. It does not happen automatically, it is a process, which needs strong believe and need to be implemented properly before changes can be embraced.

Even when the innovation is top priority; most of the employees feel that they do not have the management support to be innovative in their field of work. This is something can easily frustrate and bring dissatisfaction amongst the employees. And that’s when they try to escape the frustration, change their job or start becoming entrepreneur in their own effort/on their own right.

They say; when we can confidently be able to accept a failure, that’s the time we are capable of embracing a culture of innovation/change/successes for ourselves. Is it easy to accept a failure? NOT AT ALL . But question is how capable we are to accept a failure financially or in terms of our credibility? That’s the biggest part to tackle. That’s when short-termism comes into our mind and to our action. Being balanced/disciplined is what going to get us through these huddles of short-termism. So formula for business survival is = Adoptable to change (For the Future) + Being Intelligent ( In the Present) + Being Strong (To the Past). 

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