Darwin and The origin of species and Big Bang theory

Posted on March 18, 2013
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Darwin and The origin of species and Big Bang theory

Question! Yes; A QUESTION in mind!

Heard ever about Darwin and The origin of species and Big Bang theory? From the Primeval soup that resulted from the BIG BANG, a simple, single celled, amoeba like creatures miraculously appeared, and through a process of evolution and natural selection; developed after three billion years into the incredible sophistication of human body.

So now what, not monkeys, but amoebas are supposed to be our forefather? JUST IMAGINE!

However if there were a brand new Rolls Royce that stood alone in the dusts of moon surface when Neil Armstrong first landed on moon surface in 1960s, would you for one single second doubt that was manufactured by an intelligent creator? Or would you believe that something as sophisticated and complicated as Rolls Royce could just happen by chance through a process of evolution and natural selection process ?

If you would find it difficult to believe that a Rolls Royce on the moon surface was the product of mere coincidence rather than of intelligent creation – then how much more difficult would it be to believe that a machine (human body), million times more sophisticated than Rolls Royce, could be the result of sheer coincidence ? JUST IMAGINE!

Other day I saw in a TV reality show, where someone was eating nails, glasses, stones and what not – yes absolutely RAW and UNCOOKED – just to show off in that show & of course for some money. The body takes it. It has this amazing capability to self repair; all the damage we cause to it, through the intake of alcohol, cigarettes, spices, oil, junk food, tea, coffee and what not. But still it takes it, takes it, and takes it. What about the digestion process alone? The function of liver, kidneys, intestine and the generated saliva which helps with the digestion, everything appears so organized and sophisticated.

Evolution and natural selection are obvious facts, I agree. But they don’t contradict the theory that we are the result of creation as well. If so, who created us? I don’t know. I can’t answer that either. JUST IMAGINE!

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