Posted on April 3, 2014
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Criminals and strongmen have long been a feature of Indian politics. Their ill-gotten wealth provides easy campaign cash, and they often control constituencies with strong caste or religious loyalties. Indian police are kept under tight political control, and are prevented from taking on politically-connected gangsters. Indian cops have been known to file false cases against opponents of the ruling dispensation. The courts move slowly against those who are charged.

If this outrages Indian voters, the results at the polls don’t show it. A total of 153 of the 543 politicians elected in the biggest democratic election history have criminal cases pending, including nine ministers, according to a study by two non-governmental organisations, the Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW).

The number of "mafia politicians" is up from 128 MPs elected to the last parliament and 15 MPs have at least one murder charge against them. ADR and NEW compiled the survey based on affidavits filed by 543 MPs. Of the 543 Members of Parliament elected in the 2009 general elections, as many as 30% have pending criminal cases against them, some for serious crimes like murder, kidnapping, human trafficking, dacoity and rape. That's 162 MPs voted in by us, the people of India!

Some brilliant statistics were shown in Amir Khan’s TELEVISION SHOW "Satyamev Jayate" recently.   It says that the  Researchers have found out that : 

  • As the severity of the charges increases, the likelihood of candidates winning elections also goes up. The careers of upstanding politicians, on the other hand, seem to be doomed from the very beginning; sometimes, they even end in death at the hands of their rivals. Citizens too have lost their lives because of criminal politicians, and their families are still waiting for justice. What then explains the electorate's decision to bring a criminal candidate to power?
  • One reason is the intimidation of the voting public. In the mid-1970s, politicians would hire local thugs or bahubalis who 'captured' booths during election time. They would hold the booth's presiding officers at gunpoint and forcefully tip the votes in favour of the party that hired them. Over time, these thugs decided to contest elections themselves, thereby ensuring the direct entry of criminals into politics . Another reason is that these politicians were able to win by controlling the votes of the castes or communities they belonged to.
  • With the Election Commission cracking down on the blatant use of muscle power and people resisting it as well, criminal politicians today have adopted newer methods. They are now using money power, and distributing cash, saris, food, liquor and other consumer goods. Voters, even from the middle class, accept these 'gifts' in exchange for their votes. In short, the vote is bought and sold!

NEW GOVERNMENT in power will yet again be serving only big corporations, stock market and Business Empire of individual politicians within the party. Ordinary people will get nothing BUT THE   BABAJI DA THULLO!!!  ( FACEBOOK USERS: Please note that you can find all the statistics on this topic in my website posting dated 03/04/2014 :

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