Corporate & Civil America!

Posted on March 26, 2013
Location: London
Corporate & Civil America!

I am an ardent admirer of Corporate & Civil America. America achieved its greatness by ensuring that everyone has civil, and property rights, and by not interfering with the lives of its citizens - by charging income taxes, and passing laws. Social responsibility is at its best, when it comes to Civil & Corporate America. That’s why they are the only country, where fellow citizens say so convincingly “God Bless America”. It sounds so cool, like the other word “Awesome”. It sounds appealing when an American pronounces “Awesome!”.

I have lived in America during year 1999 – 2000 and I have visited America recently as well. I can see the difference – gone are those days, when Americans used to do things and the entire world followed. Somehow it felt recently that America is following others. It felt as if the risk taking abilities of the new generation entrepreneurs have diminished in the process. Places like Hollywood or Sunset Boulevard which once made me curious to America, felt as if lost their appetite and enthusiasm.

Brother-in-law said; Americans were at their best in 1960s and 1070s and that’s when all the best things in America were achieved - building, businesses, highways, military power, trading, manufacturing and what not! And current generation somehow is not able to keep up with it.

So what does it mean? Is it supposed to be recurring thing? And the same may happen to all other countries like India and China, which are registering hefty growth these days?

Tried to validate with our American friend in London this week. Being a top level executive of large American corporate, I thought he will have some perspective. I asked; did you think; the Sarbanes & Oxley law has reduced the risk taking ability of corporate America post the fall of Enron in year 2000?

Not really he said – Governance is required and is good for the business, especially when they grow and there is a market for growth, and when everything is growing in the Globalization phase, which essentially started since Y2K. At the same time, Globalization has introduced Global competition as well, which the corporate have to worry about now and bring more innovation to their approach in doing business.

Governance, Innovation, Competition – however are not restricted to the corporate world only - I was thinking. It is as much essential at the personal level as at the corporate level.

How about we live a life without any Governance at all, where we eat as much as we want, drink as much as we want, sleep as much as we want, work as much as we want – is it sustainable? No we will have too much of risks to deal with and all the time.

How about we live a life without any Innovation at all, where we followed the old theory to a tee – is it sustainable with the ever changing society, people and demographics? Think about it. We all have been innovative knowingly or unknowingly recently.

How about we don’t get tuned to better competitiveness – how shall we cope with the pressure of multi-tasking in a relatively faster lifestyle today?

That’s what has been in my mind today and I want to pass on to you all intelligent people, to think about.

Goodnight and God bless our Facebook family. Can we have a smile please - That’s Awesome!

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