Astro-Analysis / Antariksh Vishleshan!

Posted on November 29, 2015
Location: London
Astro-Analysis / Antariksh Vishleshan!

In some months, number of friends I wish “Happy Birthday” is more than other months. In some months, it’s literally nil and a month like this, end of November, beginning of December; I have a handful of people I have to wish Happy Birthday. Philosophical bit within me rose and asked me; what does that supposed to mean? I said, “Ohh you stop and go to bed, anything/ anytime you ask!!!” He said, “No, No – think about it”. I ignored him upfront but he instigated what he wanted to. He made me thinking...

How come I have so many friends to wish, who are born between May-June, June-July, November-December and January-February? How? Essentially they belong to Libra, Cancer, Geminis, Sagittarius or Aquarius star signs? I have plenty of them as good friends.

Grandfather had said; don’t dwell on questions which are not important anyways. Is this important or not? I asked myself. Do I need to know who I am dealing with, by enquiring their sun sign? That will be discrimination, as if we didn’t have enough already…and it will be KALLED “Astrological Discrimination”!!! 

Since childhood I have seen the influence of astrology in our day-to-day life. My parents did not literally move a thing without consulting their favourite astrologer. Life would have been easy, if there was ONE SINGLE favourite astrologer. There were many FAVOURITE/BEST Astrologers in their dictionary. I looked at it positively. That made me curious and Albert Einstein has said “Follow you curiosity and that you will achieve success”. Mind you; Albert Einstein was not an astrologer and neither had he meant financial success when he said “Success”. He was a wise man and my most favourite scientist as well. So where were we? Curiosity was where, we were, when we diverted to Alberto Einstein. So my parent's action made me curious about astrology and by nature, as many of my friends know, I read a lot of book, just anything and that included a lot of book of astrology just to satisfy the quest of my knowledge hunt. Now the million dollar question!!! What do I think?

I think; it is a form of science. It is theoretical, as any other forms of science, we have accepted in our studies or in our day-to-day life. As long as it provides us and we accept it as a guidance, rather than as the law-of-life, we are fine.

Anyways; today good friend of mine, someone I know longest in the UK, celebrating his birthday. That’s right, he is a Sagittarius by star sign. This may sound weird that I am going this extent explaining these but friends do mean a lot to me and they form an important part of my life. Each of them contributes something important within me and I am a mixture of all those important compositions, essentially good values. Sagittarius friends are good listeners , they inspire me immensely and we talk a lot of philosophical/ spiritual stuff together without feeling conscious.   With Geiminies, I have fun…we dream, we travel, we eat , we watch movie. Cancerians trigger my definition of precision in everything . I like the way they dress, the way they speak, their interests in life, the way they carry themselves, their family values,…just perfect…impressive...respect bubbles, romance triggers.. what not!!!. There was so many times I listen to Priyanka Chopra talk or Katrina Kaif talk (Bollywood actresses and think WOW…that is what makes them stand out, not their looks or family background) ( My friend from US @Biswajeet Satapathy – Nana that’s what you are; Brother-in-law, Sister and many more good friends); With Aquarius, we are just so similar, we are chatty, we can talk endlessly, we like similar things, fine things in life, we have a lot in common. What can I say about another Libra ….that’s what my little baby, Rishi is and I am too… curiosity of Librans inspire me …they are always busy learning or trying to make sense of this world, new things, new knowledge, new food, new travel…just rediscovering the world everyday.  Most important thing to remember is; every sun-sign and their inherent characteristics are special and different. Theory of relativity applies. Apple and Orange are both fruits. But an Apple can not become an Orange and vice-versa. Diversity is the colour/spice of this beautiful existence. 

From curiousity, I remembered a lot of questions from Rishi this morning; “Papa who do you think is going to win the match between Chelsea and Spurs today?” Chelsea I said. He goes “Who do you think is going to score today?” . Should be Eden Hazard, I said. “But he never scored all this season “. I said, I think he is going to score today. “But Spurs are a strong team and they had beaten Manchester City and Manchester City has beaten Chelsea 4-0 earlier, in that logic, they are stronger than Chelsea”, he asked. Ohh I don’t know Rishi... how do I know? The logics do not work like that. I didn’t tell him all that. All I do is smile and answer to plant assertiveness in his mind, just as my grand-father did when I was growing up. “ Believe and Good things will happen”, is what Kung-fu-Panda said and he is our favourite cartoon character at home, not Spider Man, who said “With Great power; comes great responsibility” . From their famous lines above; Kung-fu-Panda appeared a bit of planner, who was trying to teach us to make our foundation strong from day 1 and Spider Man was saying something at the last minute; well, remember to be responsible when you have power. Both statements are valid and good. ASTROLOGY follows KUNG-FU-PANDA's statement...for all that lengthy discussion we had on this topic. TAKE IT AS GUIDANCE and RAISE and SHINE …Shall we?

I have to go now… I love writing…when mind is free, and I am feeling good right now. But do you know, say for the first time in last 3 years I had a heavy breakfast this morning. I either have a smoothie made at home with my Vitamix blender or Granola-Yogurt for breakfast. Today I had a feast. That will keep me going for the rest of the day. And the match starts in 45 mins…it is quite an important match. I shall have a shower, smell good and make myself comfortable on the sofa before the match kicks off. Let’s go. Before I go I shall present you with two things…the music for this week, which is playing in the background in my house right now (a childhood song, when I was an absolute baby) and also the Astro-chemistry chart between Librans and other start signs.

SAYO-NARA; Happies Sundaies. Ding-Dong. Love you all. Take good care and keep smiling.  I feel; it is our home, which is the most comfortable place in the world. For me it is and I hope it is for all of you as well. It provide such a calming and satisfying atmosphere, which neither of the other options (Pub, clubs, shopping, drinks, restaurants, food, travel, holiday…what not) can ever provide. Is it not true? No need to answer me. Ask yourself this question and give yourself an honest answer. Please. Let’s look more closely at our home and be home-stuck willingly.  

Aries - Opposites attract and this pairing is a top one for you, Libra. Aries is bold, charismatic and socially you two can party the night away. When Libra is introduced to Aries, Libra sees this friendship getting serious and thinks about making BIG decisions in life, such signing legal documents and focusing more on your career, Libra.

Taurus - When Libra meets Taurus, Libra is charmed by the beauty of the Venus ruled Taurus. Libra feels instant compatibility when meeting Taurus, as you both share a mutual fondness of the pleasures of life.

Gemini - Gemini is your 9th House of overseas travel, legalities, spiritual views and publishing, Libra. A varied and balanced life means the world to you, Libra. And Libra deserves the very best. Gemini provides presents/gifts, love and affection to Libra and then some.

Cancer - Libra meets Cancer and wants to meet Cancer's parents, like yesterday. Lets make this official already, thinks Libra. The home loving sign of Cancer will appeal to Libra on many levels. One thing is certain with a Cancer, Libra. You and Cancer can climb to the top of the corporate ladder together. Cancer can and will surprise you when and where you least expect it, Libra.

Leo - Leo is your 11th House of friends, hopes and wishes Libra. Leo flatters, charms you and tells you what you want to hear. Not what the truth is necessarily but you hear music and see hearts with Leo, Libra. Ruled by Venus, your charm attracts and entices Leo into your social and romantic world with a just a single seductive glance or a hint of the right perfume.

Virgo - Virgo is a mystery and an enigma to you, Libra. You might find that higher education, teaching, learning and Virgo's personal development play a big role in this relationship from the get go. A Virgo teaches you things about yourself that prove to be valuable and life changing, Libra.

Libra - Another Libra is your IDEAL match, Libra. Legendary lovers and the longest lasting loves are usually Libra with another Libra. Life is free, easygoing and seriously romantic with another Libra.

Scorpio - Libra finds the mystery of Scorpio intriguing, but Libra also gets involved with mysteries, psychology and secrets when dealing with a Scorpio. Libra needs to give Scorpio occasional space and Scorpio needs to come to terms with Libra's varied interests and passions and unfortunately, they don't all include Scorpio.

Sagittarius - When Libra meets Sagittarius, Libra feels as though he or she is meeting someone (Sagittarius) who gets them, feels like a sibling and doesn't misunderstand Libra's mixed messages or ambiguous intentions. Libra adores the attractive, outgoing and optimistic nature of Sagittarius. Libra will turn ideas and fantasies into realities when in the presence of a Sagittarius.

Capricorn - Libra is an air sign and Capricorn is an earth sign. Although you could fall madly and passionately in love, the love will never last as long as you want it to, Libra. Domestic and romantic plans can suddenly change between Libra and Capricorn, for better or for worse.

Aquarius - Aquarius is Libras 5th House of laughter and is a fellow air sign, Libra. Here is someone who you meet and want to take an immediate risk/chance with, Libra. And you usually wind up jumping head first into a relationship with Aquarius quite easily and effortlessly.

Pisces - When Libra meets Pisces, Pisces is smitten upon first sight. Libra takes his or her time when selecting the perfect match, so Pisces could seem a bit eager for Libra, initially. 

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