Agar Gabbar ko koi maar sakta hai, toh woh Gabbar khud!

Posted on January 12, 2014
Location: London
Agar Gabbar ko koi maar sakta hai, toh woh Gabbar khud!

Agar Gabbar ko koi maar sakta hai , toh  woh Gabbar khud ! (If anyone can kill Gabbar, it is only Gabbar himself!) Gabbar said this, the iconic villain of the iconic Bollywood movie “Sholey”. Often this will appear as his ego but if we look deep into it, it was rather his fear of loosing it all, for which he was putting such pretence!

Girls check out Girls, more than boys! They stare at other girls, examine them top to bottom and then turn their eye away with a sarcastic look/comment! They say mean things about other girls and how they did not like what the other girls were saying or wearing or the way they were walking. This happens between good friends as well. Many of them spend good chunk of their daily routine in applying make ups, dressing up, be it as home or at work. They think, only they are capable of doing make ups. But if we look deeply into it, they are not confident of themselves, they constantly battle within to accept their own they compare them to others, go through the pain regularly and try to make them better by putting such pretence, by making up, so much so that their insecurities can be invisible to others. They say, those girls are even scared to wake up in the morning with their partners, without wearing any make-up! Finally; partners scream & run-away seeing the exposed reality in the morning!  Simple… Gabbar lived in the minds of these fearful / insecure and jealous girls.

We boys are not saintly-souls either ! We offer best of our hand-of-supports to our friends, families and contemporaries. By doing this; they appreciate us and we enjoy the tag of being “kind-hearted”, “a friend-in-need” etc etc. The moment the same friends/contemporaries get ahead of us, in the race of life – it is us again who do not forget to say mean things about them. We don’t offer them help anymore thinking, our help can make them even better. We look for an opportunity to topple them off their superior positions, sooner or later. We call it competition, out of sophistication. What do I think? Why do you ask? No, it is not competition. Simple…it’s Gabbar again living in the minds of these fearful / insecure and jealous boys. 

Knowingly or unknowingly we all do these. And we pretend, no one is able to see us/ hear us/recognize us. We are all smart and all others are fools. Uuuuffff this Gabbar effect! So what exactly happened to Gabbar then? Did he live forever in his created dynasty? Did he manage to get what he wanted always? Did he win always? Did he become immortal? Time & again…every day perhaps Gabbar lives in a part of our mind…trying to distract us, prompting us to short-termism, encouraging us to take short-cuts and luring us to things which are not our necessities; rather general illusions such a money, wealth, property, bank balance, food, luxury,  lust, anger, dishonesty, greed…what not!

But Gabbar is very scared of ONLY one thing. That is our self-realization that it is the Gabbar within us, playing with our mind. The moment we understand that and we continue to realize this…Gabbar has to look for another hide-out…another mind…and soon he will be out of our mind… 'Mann se Ravan jo nikale; Raam  uske mann mein hain' …TRUTHFUL words indeed!


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