Achhe Din Anne Wale Hein...Good Days Ahead :)

Posted on June 11, 2016
Location: London
Achhe Din Anne Wale Hein...Good Days Ahead :)

We have all, in some way or other, witnessed the fact that “What we receive is based on by what have given” . It might take some time for this to become obvious but our efforts to give will ALWAYS result in some level of reciprocation. Biggest examples of this fact is: Positive and Negative thoughts which we are transmitting every second of our life. Our life is transformed based on the nature of our thoughts. Thoughts are positive when they contain thoughts of what we want or love. And thoughts are negative when they contain thoughts of what we do not want or we do not love. If we continue to think about what we want; we shall certainly get what we want. If we think about what is difficult for us to get, it will remain difficult for us to attain.

We constantly plan, bicker; complain about what we oppose/resist. Well; they are negative thoughts. We might think we are protecting ourselves by analysing and planning against what is not good for us; but in reality we are only fuelling what is not good for us and making it more powerful. There is only one way we can make it weak and make us powerful; is by living happily, by stop planning, by stop analysing and only thinking about the good things we want to happen to our lives. Simple. Nothing more, nothing less. If the good things will happen or not; nobody know; why care now – let’s wait and see.  At least the feeling is good inside when we indulge in good thoughts and feeling is painful when we indulge in bad thoughts. A good feeling inside is what we all wish, irrespective of our religious, demographic or cultural differences.

Actions, as we know, can speak louder than words. It has always and it will always. Words, as we know, can be misconstrued easily; intentionally and unintentionally sometimes. I have noticed exchanges through emails and text messages carry such wrong tone of the message than actually they are. It happens most of the times. So, it will be helpful to have an even balance of both (Communication virtually and personally) if we truly want to know thoughts or sentiments of people we deal with, we interact with.

Very often we come across people in our circle; where their actions say one thing, their words another. Where there is inconsistency or obvious for us to judge someone; we apply our clever insight. And where inconsistency is consistent in spite of all our try; we don’t try to make sense or waste our cleaver insight thereafter; anymore. :)

They say the longest journey starts with a single step, even if, it’s just as simple as clicking the mouse of our computer system! Internet; I believe is the biggest discovery of the century. Thanks to the internet, we rarely travel into a complete unknown territory. There are so many review/opinions/how-to on the internet that we have a sense of what we'll encounter before even we try. Is it a good thing or bad? How did people manage before internet, not so long ago (15 years ago may be) ? Were they more adventurous or are we now? Were they more risk-taking or are we now? But yes, we are saving bit of time, we are saving bit of our brain’s effort to find a solution, we are living a luxurious life. The role of all modern gizmos is to apparently make our life more luxurious, by not letting us to think, by not letting us to try, by not letting us to take risk. Because everything can be found easily on internet and it is on our finger tips.

But few things just can't be experienced in advance through the luxury of modern gizmos; such as the smell of the fresh flowers; the experience of love; the impact of positive emotions; the power of friendship or hopes of the hopefuls! Let’s not allow perceptions to disturb us from adventuring and discovering continuously.

Longest journey starts with a single step SE yaad aya; my bedroom door has a sticker now since last night, which says “IPADs and IPHONEs are not allowed inside...beyond this point”. I have a nice table lamp on my bed side and few of those choiced books, which I wanted to read for sometime, have now moved from the bookshelf in the lounge, on to the bedside table in my bed-room.  The son is not going to be happy about it initially but he has always and will also adapt to this. Kids watch their parents carefully and if they see their parents enjoy doing things, they also follow them naturally. Rishi prefers vegetarian food now like me, can you believe it? – imagine a time two years ago when you ask him what is his favourite food; “Sausages” is what he’d say effortlessly. Now he appreciates Okra (Bhindi), Aubergine (Baingan); Cottage cheese (Paneer ); & Parwal. It’s all good. Achhe dins ahead. What is your single step for the longest journey, on this weekend?

Take good care of yourself and keep singing "Kasam Khaeee hey..." to think everything positive, to win everything positive and to aim everything positive. Have a great weekend.

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