Posted on December 15
Location: London

Genre: Drama/Romance/Crime.   Starring: Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone

Bollywood has always explored inter-caste romance, love between the rich and the poor, blossoming love between two bitter rivalry groups. Ram-Leela tries to be all of the above but yet narrate a sensible story. Some speculated over it NOT being a love story, rather a lust story. We thought Love & Lust coexists, are different states, experienced at different stages. Can they be separated really?

It is a visual masterpiece with great performances by the gorgeous leads. Ranveer Singh plays Ram with a perfect blend of a romantic and tragic hero. He is such a delight to watch again. The striking thing about Deepika’s performance as Leela in this movie was the ability in her role; she's ready at a moment's notice to kiss or kill (or both), never passive, never merely a photographic subject. The beauty of the movie just sweeps you off your feet. While the second half makes this movie the most suspenseful adaptation of Romeo Juliet; the first half is far better because it pretty much adheres to Romeo and Juliet's narrative structure. When it decides to divert, it becomes a disappointing display of Bollywood excesses and self-indulgence. The original play had no guns, gangs, illegal businesses or shirtless guys etc. But did Sanjay Leela Bansali mention anywhere that it is a 100% copy of original Romeo Juliet? He only talked about some adoption. How much? Not even sure. Should we be complaining in that case?

And certainly the YOGIC dance number by incredible Priyanka Chopra was the refreshing cherry on the top. Rated high by herself, this song has the ability alone to draw many to the theatre, to see their darling diva performing on big screen. What a performance!

Thumbs up: Cinematography, Performance of Deepika-Ranveer, Priyanka Chopra’s dance number, Perfection in Director’s ability in catching those intense emotions.

Thumbs down: Violence

Caveats aside, I shall go with 4 out of 5 for this visual splendour. Cast yours now…its running full house, in a theater near to you!


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