Munich - lifestyle capital of Germany!

Posted on January 19, 2014
Location: London
Munich - lifestyle capital of Germany!

People of Germany generally like to show their best side, in everything they do,  whether they're in a beer garden, on one of the exclusive shopping streets, or in Bayern Munich's stadium.  C….L….A….S….S!  Not that I had prior opportunities to travel to Germany, in fact I had a job offer many years ago to work for one of the best German technology companies in the world “SAP” and live in Germany– but I simply avoided all those opportunities, for all these years, imagining some bad experience for some silly reason, thanks to my little knowledge of Germany history. It is as-if saying we understand what the elephants are thinking, as we see them through binoculars on safari.  Without the right context and understanding of how Germans works, any conclusions we make, may amount to nothing remotely close to the truth.

Finally it was the time to face the fear through this short representative trip, where I spent a day wondering around the Munich city centre!  Munich is Germany's lifestyle capital. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares, I have been to, has to be Marienplatz square in Munich city centre.  The town hall glockenspiel is as much part of Munich's identity as the Hofbräuhaus beer hall or the iconic Church of Our Lady,  whose green dome-crested towers can be seen for miles around. Browsing the stalls of the  Viktualienmarkt is a feast for all the senses. There's simply everything on offer at the city's famous food market – from traditional Bavarian specialities to exotic delicacies.  Bargaining and haggling have no place in the Munich lifestyle. Everything on sale in these streets has a high price to match its high quality, from the latest fashions to wonderful antiques.

The people of Munich are also proud of the city's museums,  many of which are of international standing, such as the Deutsches Museum, the world's biggest science and technology museum, the Alte Pinakothek, the Neue Pinakothek, the Pinakothek der Moderne and the Lenbachhaus Museum.  Even in Munich's Art district, it is usual to find charming little bars, cosy cafés and pretty boutiques, yet another example of how the Munich lifestyle combines culture with the finer things in life.

BMW Museum covers city's automotive heritage, while the other side to the city's unique lifestyle the Bayern Munich Football stadium, a salient view to feel what it's like to always be on top. Even if I am not a Bayern Munich fan, it'd have been still worth trying to get a ticket to see them play. The stadium atmosphere alone is world-class and guaranteed to give us goosebumps.  And Allianz Arena is one of the world's most spectacular football stadiums. It is, after all, in Munich.

I have quite a few German friends, colleagues, acquaintances now in my circle. They are all wonderful, witty, happy, brilliant and very very direct in dealings.  They speak better English than people from English speaking nations.  Good friend, Daniel says:  Berlin is more cosmopolitan than London. He even says you can have a better time in Berlin with half of the money (or even less), as you will require to have a good time in London.  Berlin it is then…the next destination…through the nearest exit possible…until then glorious memories of Munich…will keep the thrust alive...

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