Madrid / Espana - city that never sleeps!

Posted on May 7, 2013
Location: London
Madrid / Espana - city that never sleeps!

Didn’t I say; there is something special about Paulo Coelho? Below is an extract from his latest book “Manuscript Found in Accra”:

“Smile for no reason....Without intending to, you might have saved the life of a complete stranger you happen to pass in the street, who also thought he was useless and might have been ready to kill himself, until a smile gave him new hope and confidence.”

I am too insubstantial for him to acknowledge; even if I try to thank him for all the goodness that his books brought into my life. I shall make an attempt one day. Who will believe a simple book can have such power; to change an outlook so radically? Well, if it is written by Paulo Coelho, The name of the book was “The Alchemist”. Read it, if you haven’t – you’ll know what I am talkinnnn about. Marvellous! Splendid, it was. Something about this word “SMILE”, which invaded into my life; sometime in the year 2010 and since then it has been sitting in my mind, enduringly. There is a lot happening between us at the moment (“SMILE” and I). And It’s a secret for now. Will reveal it all in time. Those who know are requested “silence”. 

Have you tried listening to a song when you wake up on a Saturday morning? I am sure you did. How about you try this tomorrow? “Hakuna Matata!” What a wonderful phrase it is!

Spanish is such an attractive language. Love everything about Spain: FOOD (Patata bravas, Spanish Omelette, Tapas, Paella), Holidays and Rafael Nadal. That will make my friends (Robert and Hector) very happy. Good for you guys! As long as this brings a smile on your face….

Remember; once we arrived at Madrid Airport at 00:30am in the night. The BA flight from London was terribly delayed. It was hilarious how; the airport was locked down and staffs had possibly gone home by then, expecting no more flights at that time. Few sleepy head staffs found running frantically; to find the keys for the exit gates, to get us out. By the time, we arrived at our hotel it was 01:30am. Ask me, how it feels when you have big plans to walk down to a pub, early in the evening, catch a foot ball match in there and taste the refreshing Spanish lager, in a weather, which is supposed to be “Spanish Summer” – and here we are dragging out feet into the hotel at 01:30am, hungry & very very thirsty. My friend is always very formal – he goes “Can we have some sandwich, if this is not a big ask? We are really hungry”. Realising how let down we were, I tried my luck. “And we are very thirsty as well”, I said. The attending staff busted into laughter, seeing the desperation in our face   she said “Let me see what I can do!” . She went inside making us seated for few minutes and came back with some beautiful sandwich, which we had little interest eating and half a dozen of revitalizing ESTELLAs! Didn’t they say – LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE, NEVER LOOSE HOPE! I was reassured…

Before calling it an evening; until tomorrow – lots of love and Buenas noches!


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