Jai Ho!

Posted on February 2, 2014
Location: Bhubaneswar, India
Jai Ho!

We Indians do not go to watch a Salman Khan movie with any expectation. We go to watch a Salman Khan movie because we love him. Very rightly Amir Khan said in the show “Koffee with Karan”: “For my movie to be successful, a lot of things need to coordinated and need to gel well together such as script, story, direction, location, comedy, music, cinematography….but for Salman, nothing of these sorts are needed. Salman just shakes his belt or hangs his sunglass behind – and movie makes 200 cores business. I don’t know about others but A SALMAN KHAN movie just suits me fine. I don’t expect to see DRAMA, TRAGEDY, VIOLENCE, ETC ETC…..we see these on a daily basis in real-life…that’s why I go Salman Khan movie, to unwind…to feel relaxed. Managing Director of Reliance Industries “Sri Mukesh Ambani” said once that he watches Bollywood movies when he is free, to distress/unwind. And guess what; I am sure he is also a Salman Khan fan, just like me. I like a movie, which is larger than life, full of fantasies, dreams, fun, laughter, ecstasy, romance and lots of BHAI-JAAN!!! We deal realistic matter in real-life. But yes, I don't support terrorism, extreme violence in the movies as well, because movies can influence our mind!

In “Jai Ho”; Bhai-jaan plays Jai, an ex-army man relegated to civilian status, has a sudden revelation after delivering a stolen baby to its parents: why not tell the parents to pay the kindness forward by helping three other people in return. Carried away by the whim of his idea, Jai begins doodling stick-figures and jotting down multiplying arithmetic numbers. The idea is preposterous, but doable – depending on who stops the buck.

Jai’s (Bhai-jaan’s) roaring screams…..”HEEEEYYEEEEEEEAAAAHHH”…abhi bhi mere kanon mein gunjh rahi hey. (Still fresh in my mind)! We don’t need a force or government or group to make a change. Change begins with small things…such as burying our own fear and to bury our own fear we all need to roar like Bhai-jaan ” HEEEEYYEEEEEEEAAAAHHH ”…at a time, when no one offers a hand of support and we have to fight our own battle. Its energizing/empowering…let’s find our voice… HEEEEYYEEEEEEEAAAAHHH

Salman Khan Movies has always been about delivering punches and punch-lines, while romancing his leading ladies during sing-songs. It’s a winning, clear-cut, “trending” formula – and, maybe, a just demand from Bhai-jaan’s audiences. Because Bhai-jaan himself is a trending commodity, one shouldn’t fault the man into trying out something, so very slightly, out of the ordinary – as long as the movie is gift-wrapped in commercial wrappings.

PUNCH LINE for this movie; which I have started using myself. Kuch sikh ne keliye movie dekh tein hein na yaar! (Movies should offer motivation and this movie does) ::: “Thank you maat bolna…badle mein teen logoon ka help kardena, aur unko bolna key, who aaur teen logoon ka help kerdein”!!!


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