Posted on January 6, 2014
Location: London

This is one such puzzle, which no one has been able to solve since it all started. Public ko chahiye kya? (What do audience like/want?) What is formula, which makes a movie super hit/blockbuster….with an earning ability  of 500+ crores INR ($90 millions USD), which the movie DHOOM 3, has claimed to have earned in just few weeks since its release date on December, 19th 2013.

In the recent interview @ Koffee with Karan show; Amir Khan mentioned he chose DHOOM 3, purely because of its story line…..? Was there a story at all in this movie? Came across some critical comments in the FB, about the story line of the movie; which are:

  1. If you take loan from a bank and bank asks for repayment, they are wrong and you have to destroy the bank.
  2. Chicago police department thinks Mumbai police has better knowledge of Chicago city.
  3. Amir Khan’s BMW bike can turn to anything, almost anything…I.e. a boat, aeroplane, sub marine, truth brush, cell phone, TV remote etc (which is too much; it was not that bad at all….)
  4. Abhishek Bachan can have a bike fallen onto him but he can still get up and arrive at the crime scene.
  5. Bande Hai Yeah Kiske...Kisne Diya Inko Itna Zor...Chapal se Dhoyenge inko agar...Banaya Dhoom 4 (This is mean...I didn't like it!)

While old recipe to success of a movie is forever believed to be an excellent script, DHOOM 3 has attained its success for something else, pure star power of Amir Khan, Exotic locations and acting display of himself…super-star Amir Khan.  It is now officially the first Indian film to cross Rs. 500 crores worldwide”.

Just imagine - if such humongous star power can be channelized for any national-building endeavours, with a motivating story line? Amir Khan has done many of these in the past through selection of his movies in the past and his tele-serial “Satyameva Jayate” but I am just dreamy about the remaining potential!!! Oooooooo! Desh Jagaran!

I still do not have my answer: why a better story could not be used for DHOOM 3? What could be the possible cause? Lack of talent? Lack of time? Lack of writers? Or lack of possible quality control? However objective was accomplished; profit made from the project. But what about customer care? Are we sure, we will be expecting  DHOOM 4 now, with the same level of desperation as DHOOM 3? Tabhi tow…(that’s why)…it is still a puzzle, which no one has been able to solve… public ko chahiye kya (What do audience like/want?). Time will tell. For now…there is no pattern except for a possible exploitation of SUPER-STAR-POWER; for a SUPER-REVENUE-GROSSING movie. !!!  Limitations aside, I shall go with 2.5 out of 5, only for the brilliant acting performance of Amir Khan, once again!


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