Your friend is kissing your wife at your home!

Posted on May 22, 2013
Location: London
Your friend is kissing your wife at your home!

Banta: Oye! what are you doing? Santa: Recording this baby’s voice. Banta: Why? Santa: When he grows up, I shall ask him what he meant by this...

Santa & his friends broke a Bank. Instead of cash they found Bottles full of Chilled Red Wine, Happily they drank & went away. Next day Headline in the news paper was: Blood Bank in the city was looted and thiefs drank away lots of blood on the spot.

A teacher asked her class for sentences using the word "beans".. "My father grows beans," said one student. "My father cooks beans," said another. Then a Little Santa spoke up: "We are all human beans."

A MAN TO SANTA: Your friend is kissing your wife at your home Santa went rushing to his home. AND then he came back within half an hour and slapped that man and SAID: YOU LIAR - HE WAS NOT MY FRIEND, WHO WAS KISSING MY WIFE...

Balle Balle Balle Balle Balle!

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