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Does charity concepts; work genuinely in developing countries?

Posted on April 18, 2013
Location: London
Does charity concepts; work genuinely in developing countries?

Wondering if voluntary or charity concepts; work genuinely in developing countries, in current time?

May be; if whole system of money and capitalism is broken up, as then nobody would need to earn salary; as nobody would have any bill to settle. We would all supply each other will goods and services we needed to survive; because we saw it is our social responsibility, not because we are making a living out of it.

Did a system like this exist EVER before? Yes it did – when we didn’t even know how to print/manufacture notes/coins…then this system prevailed.

Who invented money or its current form/shape? What was the need? Exchange in return? Was there any alternative, for not having it? Like bombs, it’s only destructive. It is there, that’s why needed. If it was not there at the first place – then? We would still survive. Mother Nature provided us with everything required for us to survive. Now, in this position; there is NO END to our need to the money…money is POWER, money is GOD, money is COMMAND and money is everything BUT PEACE, HAPPINESS, SERENITY! Nothing serious just crossed my mind that’s all.

Goodnight! It was been quite a fulfilling day for me, and yours?

Now this is unfair - I am STILL struggling. I really need someone to help me put a smiley here. PLEASE HELP....HOW?

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