Why we go back always to what we have experienced already?

Posted on March 21, 2013
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Why we go back always to what we have experienced already?

Next time we order a pizza or buy our lunch or get our hair cut, let's ask ourselves: why usually we go back to the same place, and get the same product as we did last time….it is most likely because we were satisfied last time, so we feel certain that we will get something that is acceptable this time.

But there may be better options that we have not investigated!

We often make decisions without all necessary information about some of the other options available…so we go for the option we know best. But reality is nothing remains best at the same position, all the time. It is always replaced with another one, May that be a product or position or person or student or professional or a magazine or a brand or a restaurant or an airlines or you just name it…endlessly; almost everything.

The main reason that we might change would be; if an alternative option presented itself; precisely at the right moment, we are making the decision – even then such opportunism is not something that everyone would go for. Not everyone is willing to give something unknown/new a try!

So; why unnecessarily companies launching so many varieties of the same products and competitors are producing some more varieties, which already exist in the market?

Simple. That is because a large proportion of our society is ready for the diversity and has accepted the revolution, a revolution to embrace the change.

So what happens really, when an obvious change is not accepted? An opportunity is missed, that’s all. However; change is a process, not an event – so lets enjoy the stroll, slowly, smoothly, knowing hardly there is any alternative because everything and everyone around us; are changing!

A day is going to end again. It is nice to have friends like you, for making my everyday seem so great. Good night and sweet dreams. Ohhh...smiley again? Anyone? Someone? HELP....

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