Who do we consider our enemy?

Posted on September 12, 2013
Location: London
Who do we consider our enemy?

Who do we consider our enemy? One who causes pain to us, brings trouble in our life, makes our life miserable? Anything else….please feel free to fill in the rest?

Important is not; who is our enemy. Important is how do these enemies formed? Who feeds them, who create them, who nurture them? Any idea?

It is our inner thoughts, our fear, our inner criticism, and our disbelief in self and huge dependencies on others are our true enemies. Dependency, where we make another person responsible for almost everything happening in our life, whether it is good or bad. We fear good is not possible without the participation of another person and we are adamant that bad can only be caused by another substance. If no substance, then at least our luck or even GOD himself. Do we really think, there is any justification to this confidence? What role do we play in the process? Nothing? Do we think, we are just victim of the circumstances? What cowardice!

Everything happened, happening or will happen in our life; are product of our selection. Selection of excellence or reception of horrific. No?

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