What is that makes us happy?

Posted on December 11, 2013
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What is that makes us happy?

What is that makes us happy? This is in a way, a research which is the most prolific in nature. Some clarify that happiness is something which comes from within and at the same time, it can distracted by so many external factors! Brilliant. That is the answer. Let there be as many number of external factors but controlling our self not to be affected by those external factors is the quest all about.

Some cut down on alcohol, some cut down on food. Some end the day with an exercise. Some finish work with a beer. Some spend time with their children and some eat lots of nice food. It is rarely ever same thing that pleases all of us at the same time! Different individuals, Different generations, different genders, different age groups, different religions, and different professions – all of them have different things to resort to, to make them feel happy. What is yours?

And there are those other lots, who try on reverse engineering , i.e. by NOT doing things which make them unhappy. Some hate travelling, some do not like a noisy place, some do not appreciate living in a dirty place, some like something but they have to do something else. Khus hone key sau tarike! (100 different ways to accomplish happiness)!

But hang on; do we realize we can’t be happy all the time? No, No...I am just trying to get that expectation right. Definitely we should try to be HAPPY most of the time. Doing things which we like, makes us happy. Are we doing what we like, most of the time, if not always? Some say it is our goals in life, which sets a direction for our future and makes us feel happy. Do we have any goals for our future in that case? Again we see those people, who have goals and they are too focused with those goals, to an extent that every little deviation makes them unhappy!

The closest solution I have seen that works; in most of the categories of people and making them happy is to be physically active in life! People who work hard, are happier than people who do less physical sort of work. So how are we faring with our daily dosage for active life?

Remember Santa Singh? Last I saw him, he was very unhappy. Breaking his head on the wall, trying to be happy. He has been out for a while. Upon his return I asked, where he has been, he said: he has been to London to learn some English. And he has been speaking a lot of them. Apparently speaking English makes him happy!

 1. Pick up the paper and fall in the dust-bin!
 2. Both of you three stand together separately!
 3. Will you hang that calendar or I'll "HANG MYSELF!"
 4. Tomorrow call your parents especially mother and father!
 5. Why are you looking at the monkey outside when I am in the room...?
 6. I have 2 daughters, both are girls.
 7. Stand in the middle of the corner!

Look at this bunch of singers below...they are singing..."See the world from your heart, deal everything with your heart, work from your heart, speak from your heart...everything will appear beautiful, hence you will discover happiness"! Do we believe? We can only try. Less application of mind and more application of heart! Goodnight, Subh-ratri and lots of good wishes for tomorrow…


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