We Factor!

Posted on December 29, 2013
Location: London
We Factor!

They say this; they say that; they say something or other.  And they say always. We don’t know who they are but we care about what they say! 

They say,  'No news is good news'. They also say, 'What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve'. Mind you,  they also say that,  'knowledge is power' & “Money can buy you only 5% of your deserved happiness, not all” They say far too much,  sometimes they make sense and sometimes they do not.

Is it possible to live a life without this “THEY SAY” factor?    We need to decide first of all, whether there is something that we believe because we know it to be factual - and not just because 'they' say it is.  Why should we bother what 'they' say, or think? Why would we try to remain ignorant of a fact?  We don't need be afraid. We need to be sure of ourselves.   “They” are the Mind…not the Heart…  they are the Demons…they are the Evils…they are the Ravanas…they are the Asuras…they are all Duryodhans…they are all Shakunis…they are all Kansas…  they are the end of righteousness and uplifting of immorality.

How about one of our New Year resolutions, is to make conscious efforts to find victory over “They say” factor?   Can we?  YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! Let the year 2014 be, the end of “They say” factor and rise of “We say”” factor. Power of us… power of friends… power of family…power of brothers…power of sisters…power of parents… power of voters…power of citizens… power of boys… power of girls…power of students...power of soldiers… power of farmers = power of oneness  = Power of White = Power of peace = Power of tranquility = End of Fear = Rise of love….  you fill out the rest…you know everything…at least as much as I do or even more…

WHITE  is the colour generally represents  PEACE  …how accurate is that; when ALL the colours  (DARK, DEEP, STRONG, RED, BLUE, BUFF, GREEN etc) mix that turns into WHITE…hard to believe, hey? Likewise at the end of the tunnel, when we are done with all the experiences of life, which do not provide answer…there is always WHITE, which provides every bit of answers to all our pursuits of happiness…  ”PEACE”, which we call   which is why we call.  Every colour represents something specific. For example RED colour represents LOVE; YELLOW colour represents friendship.  Because WHITE is the mixture of ALL other colours…it also represents “We factor”! It contains everything within it. Make sense?

Creator has provided answers to all our quests in a very subtle way…like the colour white. We just need to be conscious to understand and to appreciate.

My son  pronounces the word SMILE, in his own way. It sounds like “SMIYAAAAAAAAL...”.    But there is honesty and humility in his endeavour…all the kids have, in everything they do.  We can’t go back to a child-like-state once again. But how about we always try to carry a child-like-mind …throughout our life…far away from complexities?

I wish us all,  a day full of  SMIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALs   tomorrow….and “We Factors”! XoXo!

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