To do charity openly is better or concealing it?

Posted on April 9, 2013
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To do charity openly is better or concealing it?

"When Brad Pitt goes out in the street here no one knows who he is. But when Shahrukh Khan comes, it's like he's God. There were 200,000 people in the square to welcome him just last week." says Jaouad Kadiri at Hotel "The Taj Palace" Marrakech.

If we go by the popularity statistics; Shahrukh Khan is more popular than Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise together (world-wide). This is supported by 3.2+ billion fans for Shahrukh Khan, to just over 1.9+ billion fans for Brad Pitt. Salman Khan is riding even higher than Shahrukh Khan these days. Not many would attempt to choose the better between Shahrukh & Salman. Simply not possible.

I clearly have my favorite between these two public figures. That’s not a secret at all. But that is not what I am going to gossip here today.

Today I was trying to analyze, which ACT is better: to do charity openly or concealing it? Salman does a lot of charity through his “Being Human” venture, which every Indian is well versed with by now. However SRK politely retaliates saying: I also do a lot of charity but I don’t show off. And I am thinking: may be both of them are right in their respective position but which approach is better?

I personally think; Salman has got a mass appeal to his way of doing charity. Unless you showcase what good can be done and how you do it; not many will take interest in it. Once you start doing it, be a leader, be the first one – then there will be plenty to support you, to follow you or may be keen do better than you. That’s why I prefer Salman’s way.

However SRK must have his reasons to choose his way, but he didn’t feel the need to explain. I think - if a person fears that he will be showing off, or he fears that it may cause some hurt and embarrassment to the poor people, then it better to give it in secret. But can that be a valid case at all? Can a poor person feel bad to receive kindness from someone who has genuine intension? Can’t imagine. May be – May be not. What you think?

Have we not witnessed a special feeling when we give someone a present? It’s a warm feeling – we feel calm yet excited. We get the same feeling when we do a random act of kindness for a loved one, or even a stranger.

When we do something for someone else, our brain produces hormones “Dopamine” – which makes us feel happy, and gives us the feeling that what we are doing is right – and opiates, the body’s own secret stash of heroin and morphine.

So, giving is beneficial for both the giver and the receiver. A wealth of research supports the theory that giving makes us happy. When researchers gave two groups some money, telling the first to spend it on them, the second to buy a gift for someone else, and the first group experienced momentary pleasure, but no long lasting satisfaction.

People often lack the courage to offer their help. But the more we give the more courage we gather to offer the next time. I remember my Grandfather saying: We have two hands, one for helping ourselves, the other for helping others. What you think?

Just imagine! I am not here to persuade. I am only here to bring this amazing piece of DISCOVERY to you. May be you know this already. Apologies, if you did know already.

I wish you a very sound sleep tonight and tomorrow is going be THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR, SO FAR! Goodnight.

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