They say you need courage to do BAD things.

Posted on May 11, 2013
Location: London
They say you need courage to do BAD things.

The school play-ground was right adjacent to the class rooms and one could see through the windows what is happening in the play-ground. And that day every one was watching. Watching the tragedy of the most powerful boy in the school being tamed heroically; by this simple, quite, and introvert boy whom the whole school teased as “Biscuit”. And the powerful boy also had a pet name in school “Tumba”. His Dad was the DSP or SP (Top most position in the police department of the town) and everyone was scared of him/Tumba, including senior students, fellow class mates, even teachers to some extent. Tumba was quite a big build and had all the attitudes in him; being rich, powerful (because of his Dad’s official position) and he was a good student as well. His rank was No 2 in the class, to add to the list of achievements/ credentials.

Tumba had a say (as always); who is going to play in the Base Ball team with him and that day he decided to let me sit down without playing. I couldn’t figure out why but I didn’t have the guts to protest either and I played with a ball I had from home, on my own. That was going all right until Tumba’s ball fell in the pond near by which they couldn’t get back. So then Tumba came to me DEMANDING the ball I was playing with. I was already humiliated. And I said NO. I am not going to give you the ball. This is my ball and I got it from home. So you have no right on this. But he was Tumba, not anyone else. He was not ready to give up easily and that is the reason for the drama.

And I was taming him down in bollywood estyle. I am born on the same day as BigB (Amitabh Bachhan) in REAL life and to his bad luck; he looked JUST like Gabbar Singh in REAL life. So rest was history and unspoken!

That was quite stardom for me at school on that day AND the evening was quite TIMID-DOM. I was very scared – checking our gate/door frequently, if Tumba had came with his Dad to our home to complain about me. I was living with my uncle’s family then and the uncle was very very strict. I knew a tough punishment will be in card, if Tumba comes to our home to complain. But lucky me, he didn’t come, neither his parents. And I escaped narrowly.

Yes, that was me – Biscuit. My school friend Amul in FB can vouch for that. Even Subhendu. Guys do you know the answer? BISCUIT? Why? Was I tasty? Who had tasted me? I don’t know, only they know. Someday someone started and then whole school started calling me. But I hear from Amul that Tumba is quite a business man these days and very successful in real estate business. I definitely want to see him, meet him, give him a hug and may be a kiss on his forehead for giving me such fond memories. That was childhood and we were probably in standard 8th or so when this incident took place.

Similar incident happened during last year of my engineering. We travelled by college bus to the college campus every day. That was the last day of the semester. We just finished our exams. College was going to be closed for a month and everyone was in cheerful mood. And they were a group of boys from other branches, came to the bus in which we were seated and they started insulting every other boy in the bus. One of them was the son of senior police official; so everyone tolerated them without saying anything. One by one, they kept insulting everyone. One could imagine how difficult it would have been when the bus was half filled with beautiful girls. Some of these girls were our batch, some were junior, some were prospects and some were seniors. I was undecided for a while but couldn’t take it anymore when they started doing that to me as well. I got off from the bus and went right up to them and there was a showdown, but escaped narrowly again as others came forward to intervene. Otherwise I was alone and they were quite a few in the group.

But like Tumba’s incident I kept worrying. Thought; today I was spared and I have no threat for next one month. But when college opens after a month, what will happen? He is a local boy; his dad is a senior police officer. I will be so gone! He will ensure that I am in trouble. But lucky me, college opened, we met, we had eye contact and he said Hello Bikash. And I escaped narrowly, yet again. 3 years later I met him in Madras/Chennai, where I was in a project and he was still looking for a job. He kept visiting me in my hotel room regularly, and we had few good laughs analysing this particular incident!

Why I am telling you these stories? Any guess? Did I want to feel like a HERO tonight? No really. I won’t probably participate, if similar sort of incidents happen at this point in time in my life. I will not let that happen for sure. What’s the point of studying these CA, MBA, BE & Export Management and spending 15 years in the professional environment in developed countries, if we can not change for better?

As you might have noticed in all my postings in the past; there is a similarity. There is a story in each and every posting and at the end of the story, there is an interesting viewpoint. And without an exception, there is a view point from both these stories as well.

Why Tumba didn’t come to our home that evening? Why my rowdy engineering college mate did not make my life miserable, after the college re-opened? Were they scared of me? Was I powerful like them or even more powerful than them? Nope. Nope Nope. None of those!

FACT WAS:: I was fighting for my rights, for my self-esteem. And they were torturing me for fun.

They say you need courage to do BAD things. There is no courage needed for being GOOD, because that is natural and that is truth and that is visibly eternal. Bad is always scared of the good. Bad always thinks very high of the good. Bad is always very insecured about good and bad knows that victory will always be with the good, at the end! Any thoughts? No? Yes?



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