The worst part of the Mondays is hearing complain about Mondays !

Posted on July 1, 2013
Location: London
The worst part of the Mondays is hearing complain about Mondays !

We all heard this. When some people get tensed out, others say to them “Take it easy.” That is such an annoying thing to hear. Don’t they appreciate that if one could take it easy, he would, without loosing a second?”. There is a reason for angst and annoyance and surely it needs to be addressed before the mood can lighten up and feeling can alter.

But I am thinking otherwise; what if we don’t let them in. We refuse to open the door, when annoyance and his bother angst keep knocking on the door, pleading us to get affected by their entrapment ?. How about that?

That’s right - I know we should not escape a problem, but does not mean that we should embrace them, knowing them are infectious? When you can not fight/ don’t want to fight / there is no point in fighting – it is better to avoid.

Point is; how you continue to shut the door, when there is recurring knock on the door. Hmm let me think….there is no single answer. You will choose an option to avoid, based on your strengths and receptiveness. Agree?

The only thing that could possibly ruin a beautiful summer day is it also being Monday. The worst part of the Mondays is hearing complain about Mondays from here, there, everywhere. Why don't we declare a public holiday instead?

How was your Monday; friends? Monday goes because Tuesday has to arrive. Now, we can't have similar predicament about all the days. We got to like some. How about it is tomorrow, Tuesday - the day we say to ourselves that “we are the happiest, healthiest and hardest people on the earth?”

Ladies and Gentlemen: I present to you King of Pops for your entertainment. Have a good evening:

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