The most effective communications follow no protocols!

Posted on September 11, 2013
Location: London
The most effective communications follow no protocols!

Gring Gring…Gring Gring…! That’s how those Graham Bell looking telefunes used to sound in our childhood. And there was no choice available for us to choose a different phone-set or a ring tone. The phone used to be supplied by the Govt affiliated telecomm department. But they are antique pieces now and I still love them, have one of them in my bedroom in India. Not a good idea to decorate your bedroom with one of these because you can’t put them to mute mode, before going to bed!

And when it rang, I and my two beautiful sisters used to play “guess games” before picking up the receiver… guessing who must be on the other end of the line. It used to be heart-warming to make such a forecast.

Imagine; how much more heart-warming it’d be to establish a kind of communication, so solid yet reliable that there is actually no longer any need for the phone calls! Your current level of understanding with certain individuals is this good that you don’t really have to call/explain/inform things to them. For example: those old parents and grand-parents, who live far far away from us, who choose not to disturb us or we choose not to disturb them.

I hardly feel the need to call/communicate with most of my best friends, my closest of the closest friends, people I honestly love most. That is probably because I am confident that my love for them, is always going to be as it was, as it is and hence it will be as it is. All of them are right here in the FB, I am unsure what they think! They probably don’t like that behaviour of mine. Hmmm…I better not ask…But it is not good to be overconfident with assumptions.

A good friend of mine told me 13 years ago that he will never use a mobile phone, ever in his life. He is quite a successful business man today and right here in FB…may be even reading my posting right now. “Buddy, I do understand now, what you meant. Does not matter whether you use the mobile phone today or not, it matters you realized the essence of communication 13 years ago.”

There was a old Hindi film song, I used to hum in my school days, quite a lot…”anknon ankhon mein baat hone do….”(which means…let the eyes do the communication…). The most effective communications follow no protocols, yet we chase protocols all our life for effective communication!

Gooooooooodddddddddd Night! Before I go, the song:

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