SMILE & DIPLOMACY, go hand in hand!

Posted on May 8, 2013
Location: London
SMILE & DIPLOMACY, go hand in hand!

If people say nice things to us, especially when it is clear that they have taken the trouble to recognise a quality that we ourselves are quite pleased with, we feel good.

We feel good about ourselves and we feel good about the folk who are making such comments.

And if they then go on to gently point out some less than satisfactory factor that we might want to address, we are at least half-inclined to hear them out. Diplomacy remains your key to success today and always – so is our smile. SMILE & DIPLOMACY. In fact, they go hand in hand. If we can smile, diplomacy will come easily. No?

How we all doing? Sunny days, Long weekends, travel, Holidays, Shopping, BBQs – all went GR8, I suppose. Nothing of those sort for me at least – I am 3 weeks away from my final CA exams and you can imagine it being final papers and if I do them well – my god, what can I say – a six months break may be? Did I say too much? Depends! Where is the break! If is six months break in SAHARA DESERT, no one will be excited but if it is six months break in Honolulu – who is going to join me for that?

GoodNight my friends, wish you a very shiny day tomorrow. You enjoy that and...?

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