Should we keep doing things we do not like?

Posted on March 18, 2013
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Should we keep doing things we do not like?

Yuck, tomorrow is Monday! Why Monday is so far from Friday and Friday is so near to Monday? How many of us say this on a Sunday evening? Funny enough each day has a character. I feel so. I get suddenly excited from Wednesday evening onwards and it dies down on the Sunday evening.

I am just wondering! Is this because we don’t like what we are doing? We are doing what we are doing, JUST because we have to? This is true. Often I come across people, who JUST DON’T like what they do on a day to day basis. They do it because they have to earn money, run a family, have responsibilities and also because, what they REALLY like, can not give them same amount of income, as they make through doing the job which, THEY DO NOT LIKE!

So? What does this mean? To remain unhappy for the rest of our life and keep doing things we do not like; for some silly reasons?

Have you thought about it, why a child does not feel that way? Why a farmer does not feel that way? A student does not feel that way? Why a painter does not feel that way? Why a musician does not feel that way? Why a sportsman does not feel that way? Why do they look content always in their world? Any idea? This is probably because they carry a state of mind, which has fewer expectations in comparison. Expectations could be either self imposed or from the profession we are into or from the society or from the family.

So the first step towards a better tomorrow is: cut the excess from our expectation list. Be kind to ourselves, set ourselves achievable goals, pick up a job or profession which is enjoyable at the same time and throw ourselves socially into this UNLIMITED world.

I often think about those corrupt politicians in India. They make millions, as if it was their birth right. At the same time, most unfortunate sort of people on the earth who; can’t enjoy it at the same time. They have to hide it from the public eyes, election is around the corner, and opposition parties will be vigilant. Still they don’t get it. Just an example. I am sure there are many more. Simply confused!

So the choice is ALL OURS! We don't always get to choose what we enjoy BUT we certainly can try to win them over!

Thank GOD, Monday is over. So much of philosophy; for just a simple Monday! I wish; days take turn to become weekend days. If this year Sunday is the weekend day, next year Monday should be the weekend and so on. See, we have a solution!

Goodnight friends and take good care of yourself.

A song can definitely add to the mood right now:

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