Rules are meant to be broken?

Posted on December 24, 2013
Location: London
Rules are meant to be broken?

Scientists constantly try to make out an unscientific universe. Philosophers struggle with inexplicable problems. We all strive to make sense of a mystifying world. We have been trying really hard to invent hard and fast rules. We are deeply attracted to rights and wrongs. They make us feel safe. But when rules are set, we cry out to take an easy option by breaking the rules.  Things are not so simple. In anticipating the existence of a grey area, we often get confused.

Clothes should not to make a difference to the way we perceive people. How trivial and how daft to presume that someone in a pricey suit has more power or insight than a person dressed normally. We know that exterior impressions can be deeply deceptive, yet we form them even so.

Sometimes, though, we definitely need to be candid. We have to tell it like it is and go beyond our own fear of causing offence. If we do this with love, respect and trust, then we can soon discover that there has been nothing cruel about our course of action.

If there is still seems to be murkiness of indecision, we just need to focus like a laser on the one viewpoint that we know we can trust. We need to make that our precedence and the rest all will fall into place. It has, it will.

How far, have we reached with Christmas shopping and marinating? All in list, all in plan? I wish you all a great deal of success/energy with your Christmas preparation. Let the music flow, let the smiles fly, let the liquid gush and let the celebration begin...

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