Right to the Right Education!

Posted on January 8, 2014
Location: London
Right to the Right Education!

Often we are labelled as from a third world country!!! Years past, situations altered, we grew, they sunk but the label did not go…still it is continuing. What is that? Why is that? It may be possible that education is the cause/difference. It is true because it has got direct impact on thought processes in our country and on our outlooks.

Everyone in our country has got rights to education, through the “Right to Education Act”. But question is which education? Is it right to the right education or right to the unproductive education? I remember, we studied software programming languages such as Pascal, Fortran etc in our engineering curriculum? I assume it is still continuing till today. Why? How is it useful?

We learn through different boards such as: CBSE, CHSC, ICSE, SSC, HSC, IB etc. Each of these boards has got different syllabus, different quality of core curriculum. Why it has to be, that way? Why can’t they all be same, if everyone in our country has rights to education? Why then, syllabuses are different? Why their quality is different?

Why don’t we have a uniform authority across the country which sets a uniform syllabus for all states, for all states? Why they say mathematics is tougher in CHSC board than ICSE board? Why they say English is better in ICSE board than CHSC board? What is the reason that these subjects are not taught with same quantity and quality in different boards?

Time has changed, the world has grown, the competition has been forced upon – our education system and curriculum need revision accordingly . Social responsibility and Social Rights are such essential topics, that all Indians need to be aware of. Why there need to be separate/specialized education on these important subjects? It should be part of the curriculum from the beginning, together with History and Geography.

Practical/Skill based education such as Music, Photography, Carpentry, Dancing, Sports, Computers; Art etc are available to the schools marked for elite groups. If these are added to course curriculums across all boards, imagine the amount of employability it can bring on. It will be TOTAL economic transformation!

Is there a reason why our education systems are managed the way they are? India is rising…new thought leaders are evolving...we are waking up every day to a new world…we need to renew ourselves through right education and quality of education. Transformation will only be possible through uniformity and equality in our education systems across our country.

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