Only 1,705 words that are positive in a dictionary!

Posted on April 8, 2013
Location: London
Only 1,705 words that are positive in a dictionary!

So good to finally see some sunshine; for past few days, continuously! Following a winter that never seemed to end, spring may finally have sprung...lets hope.

Today has been an ALL GOOD SUNDAY. A good run in the park, hot-oil bath, good food, good rest, some gardening, some TV, Some studies, flowering the deities at home – it had all.

Sundays, I guess should also be the day to look back in to the past week and remember all the good things happened in that week and also to look ahead into next week and hope everything will continue to be good.

Before I close for the day – I want to share an interesting statistics I came across today, that: in an average sized dictionary containing 31,460 words, there are only 1,705 words that can be seen to be positive, strong, powerful and stimulating, which is just over 5% of the world available in total to use. Moreover, there are over three times as many disempowering, sniping, griping, belittling and critical negative words.

With 5,890 negative words to 1,705 positive words, is it any wonder that the natural flow of conversation, thought and ideas are going to be strongly biased to negative, especially when we seem to be able to roll the negatives off our tongues at a rate far in excess of three to one?

I have explained this in one of my earlier posts, we are essentially what our thoughts are and our language is going to be dramatically influenced by those thoughts. Goal for us therefore; is to reverse the trend of negative thinking, language and actions and to make a difference to the ways in which we use our minds, more positively at any given set of circumstances.

So the answer is no more “I am OOOOOOOOOOKHEEEEEEEEY”, to “How we doing today?”. It’s now reversed to “I am COOL, GREAT, HAPPY, HEALTHY…” and what not. BTW, the word “OK” does neither come under 1,705 positive words, not 5,890 negative words. It’s neither here, not there, a very confusing one indeed. COOL can always be a better alternative, you see!

With that thought – I would like us to take some rest NOW. Tomorrow is another day and a sunny one too. So, wishing you all a WONDER-FUL week ahead and please carry your SMILE along, wherever you go. It’s a must. Better be safe, than Sorry. Why take risk? Goodnight.

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