Mission - Chalo India!!!

Posted on March 14, 2014
Location: London
Mission - Chalo India!!!

I am not desperate to move back to India; just because I watched Bollywood blockbuster “Swadesh” few times.  But I definitely started feeling overwhelmed with the “Swadeshi” feeling, after I watched movie Swadesh. It has been building up within me since last 4-5 years.

A friend of mine moved back to India years ago after living abroad for more than a decade. I met him during one of my “vacations” to India. I asked him how things are going and he told me  that when he moved back he got irritated and annoyed at every small little think people around him were doing (like taking it too easy, making false promises, never showing up on time for an appointment, driving recklessly & throwing thing all over the public places) but then one day he realized that he has moved back here thus it is he who needs to adjust not the other way around. The day he realized that, his life was bliss.

Often people complain about the work culture in India.  From what I have seen, there is a remarkable difference between the work culture in the western countries and in India. But nothing generic about it. What works for me, may not work for others and vice versa. But we have to be the change, we expect from other. My requirement is to be in an environment of mutual respect and cordial work relationship. That is my priority and if I can make an attempt on this; others will embrace it slowly but surely. By encouraging others to speak their minds; brilliant ideas will generally come up - this is something need to be experienced/passed on with few examples, before it is widely adopted.

They say: India is too polluted.  Agreed! There is so much pollution. Some people don’t have civic sense. We’ll find garbage all over the place. And let’s face it, we can’t change that. What we can do however is not be a part of it. Nobody has put a gun to our head that we will have to go with the flow. If our neighbour is throwing garbage on the street, we’re not socially obligated to do the same. In fact, we do the same things we were doing in the western countries and maybe our neighbours will get inspired and start following our deeds. However things are changing for better. At least the younger generation is aware of these things. But we can’t expect these changes to be done overnight!!!

But there are so many people!  Damn right, there are!!! After all it’s the second most populated country in the world. I don’t think you and I can do anything about it other than be a part of them.  It always inspires me for some reason.  1 billion population! Wooooooow! Almost we can survive without any globalization. We have everything in our country, manufacturing, resources, talent, land, sea, river, water, desert, power, army, people, wealth, minerals – we do not need to look outside for anything, neither to buy nor to sell. But are we evolved yet to realize this? The day we do, we will be on the top!

What about Poor infrastructure?  Sure, we get 200 KBPS instead of 6 MBPS Internet speed for High Speed Internet connection in some parts of the country! Sure, there are power cuts. Sure, there are more cars on the road than the road can afford. But it’s all improving. It would be unreasonable on our part to think that we would get same lifestyle as you’re used to. I think we would all agree with me if we have recently travelled on any of the national highways or flew through Delhi Airport - that in the last 10 years or so, things have improved dramatically towards the positive side. How cool is that? When Rome was not built in a day, how can we build a new India overnight?

Only positive attitude, consistent pace and a change in us; will bring a change in our country –  a clean, cultured, controlled “GREAT NATION”!!!

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