Milli (Did you receive)? Was what the SMS said!

Posted on March 19, 2013
Location: London
Milli (Did you receive)? Was what the SMS said!

Milli (Did you receive)? Was what the SMS said. Thought to ignore it for few hours before I responded. I was just opening the door to get inside my home when my phone rang. Ohh GOD, it was him again. Kaisi lagi? Hein? Hein? (How did you like it? ) How do I say, I haven’t read it and neither do I ever read what he sends always. Then he went on reading out the text, which he had already sent me in the SMS and started LOLing! Must be desperate enough to send me a text, check on me if I received it and now called me to read that, so that there is nothing left to a chance, WHAT-SO-EVER!

I didn’t know how to react. Here I am, coming home after a long day and just at the door step, desperate to have a shower and you do this to me! AMAZING, yes AMAZING – I said. He said, I knew you are a busy man, so thought to CALL you. I get loads of those and I will keep sending. Of course I said, sure sure you should send them more. I have this problem; I can’t say truth on the face of people, especially when they are good friends.

And he is a good friend. I know him for 5 years know. Owner of a restaurant in my suburb, where they sell best-ever mutton curry I have tasted in my life, yes ON-THE-BONES. Beautiful. I started going to his shop when he had little area, where hardly 10 people could be entertained at a time. But he has now occupied next two shops and made it a 100 seater restaurant.

No; his SMSs, which is mostly NON-VEG jokes, on BIPASA BASU (Indian film actress, considered Demi Moore of Bollywood) didn’t make him grow. He had some great qualities as well, which fascinated me to interact with him and be his good friend. And that is his customer service. All other restaurants failing or shutting down should go and take some tips from him. If customer service is your niche offering, you will climb any heights.

But something about his obsession for Bipasa Basu and NON-VEG jokes on Bipasa Basu. He has never been tired. Consistently sending me these for years now.

I was thinking under the shower – I must talk to him about this. I am happy to receive his SMSs anytime, no issues at all. But how long can I tolerate Bipasa Basu. I don’t want to receive ANYTHING on Bipasa Basu at all. FULL STOP. NO. Give me a break. If you have to send something, send those on “Priyanka Chopra” or “Katrina Kaif” – I’ll rather wait for your SMSs. But how do I approach him?

Shall I send him a text and say not to send me Bipasa Basu jokes? Nah, he will be sad.

Then let me call him and ask, Bhai-Jaan, aap “Priyanka Chopra” or “Katrina Kaif”; mein bhi pasand rakh te hein? (Do you like “Priyanka Chopra” or “Katrina Kaif” as well?) (“Priyanka Chopra” or “Katrina Kaif” are the Bollywood actresses I like). Then he will say – not to worry brother, I will try and send you some. And he will really try and send me plenty of “Priyanka Chopra” or “Katrina Kaif” jokes. But that’s not what I want. I just want to avoid Bipasa Basu jokes, that’s all.

May be I’ll use my professional skills and call for a meeting. 1:1 type. And tell him (Look brother; (this word is very frequently used in UK high-streets and suburbs to show closeness between two males, I mean friends). Yes; look brother I know you will be hurt, I just …you know…how can I say…try to understand…you know me…and then I’ll say, the fact is Bipasa Basu is not my favourite type.) Ohh NO, what if he starts crying there? How can I console such a big man?

Lets me tolerate this jokes for some more time….let me change my number may be…let me change my mobile (yes let me get an IPHONE 5 and call him to say, my number has changed because it is now IPHONE 5, in stead of IPHONE 4S). I don’t know. I will think about it some more. Any suggestions?

In the mean time – I will let you all make your own judgement. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Bipasa Basu, Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif, to you – the Charlie's Angels of Bollywood?

Bipasa Basu

Priyanka Chopra

Katrina Kaif

What if he asks me, why did I NOT like Bipasa Basu? Hmm that’s a trick question. She must be OK, but I like Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif for their sophistication, the way they present themselves, both of them can talk so well, so measured, so polished, they style to the extent they can carry off gracefully and most importantly never SHOW-OFF unnecessarily – you know what I mean! Girls look extra graceful and DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS when they have these qualities in additions to their beauty. Every other girl on the street is beautiful, what’s the big deal? But hey, every other girl is not Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif?

My friends, I have to go back to my studies. You guys have a fantastic evening and sunny day tomorrow. And its Wednesday tomorrow, which means weekend is near. Forget not, it’s your smile, which makes the difference :) Who can teach me how to add a smiley here?

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