Kill me but don’t ask me to call a friend now!

Posted on April 24, 2013
Location: London
Kill me but don’t ask me to call a friend now!

Kill me but don’t ask me to call a friend now. And Kill me, BUT DON'T STOP me to use facebook now!

What a delight it is; to use facebook for accessing friends/family but apathy to contact them either by phone or physically. Absurd; it is becoming with time. Not a particular individual I am talking about, we are all victim of the changed era!

And today we are celebrating EIGHT years of LIFE; of such a vehicle which drove us to this era from that era. YouTube. That’s right. 8th birthday of YouTube today! It has grown up now. So friend; please join me wishing HER a very very happy birthday today and AAAAAAAAAALWAYS! She may live forever and ever.

And we must celebrate the birthday of facebook, Twitters, Twitter Music and what not. They are REAL-companions in all true sense! No? Think about it. How easy has it become to grab an entertainment, a friend, some news, an update, business opportunities & whole lot of time-pass - thanks to these phenomenal inventions which we lovingly label together as social networking! I love the word social. Such a purpose it has in all our life. Well done, YouTube and we love you.

Christopher Henry Gayle!!!!!!!!!! O MY WOW; what can I say! Man or a Monster? (Abe tu aadmi hai ya pajama?) Look at that picture and all the CRICKETING records he broke today! How? Now; I really need to know what he eats and where he sleeps night before. Do we think these records are ever going to break? It appears impossible from the outset but if this was possible, then why not a better one? A century in 30 balls? 175 runs in just 66 balls? How much better is possible really? May be a century in 17 balls. Only then it will not break ANYMORE, it will be immortal in the pages of the cricketing history – until then we will witness MANY hopes, efforts and Chris GayleS.

Some funny tweets I came across today after Chris Gayle’s heroic display:
* May be IPL should enforce rule for Chris Gayle that 3 times outta the ground is out
* No-fly zone at chinnaswamy stadium!

Goodnight comrades; lots of love really. And thank you very much for smiling today and I wish you all; a extremely cheerful day tomorrow. Take Good Care.

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