Just Playing Pranks!

Posted on October 23, 2013
Location: London
Just Playing Pranks!

THREE weeks of disappointments; finally was sunshine. I scored a goal. I have played a plenty of casual football after work, but these guys are semi professional. Someone asked me on the first day: which position do you play…I was like WHAAA? “I play here with you, what you mean which position!”. Living in the UK and not playing football is a crime indeed. Everyone reports to the ground at 08.45am with proper dress code, shoes, guards and what not. Good stuff!

And after that 2 hours of exertion; a cup of masala tea at Sharvana Bhawan certainly sets the day alight.

While parking the car, we notice this car in front with hands hanging. Driver was standing outside, smiling and smoking. Just because he was smiling, I gathered courage to go up to him and asked: what’s the purpose of this? And he said: “just playing pranks” with his European accent. Are you sure it is prank? He looked annoyed, what you mean, what else do you think? Ohh, I thought it is real, I said! Are you making fun of me, he asked. Just playing PRANKS, I said.

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