Journalists are paid to express their opinions!

Posted on May 5, 2013
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Journalists are paid to express their opinions!

Journalism is such a profession where journalists are paid to express their opinions. Hmmm, not really, they are actually paid for their ability to express their opinions in an interesting way. But in order to make something interesting and different, one view or other need to be adopted. What are these views or opinions worth? Whatever their editors or us readers are prepared to pay for them!

Thats about Journalists, but what about us? Do we benefit at all from having strong ideas and convictions? Who is going to pay for our ideas and convictions? Answer is we all do; and worth will be only known, when these are tried, sincerely...honestly!

Everyone has a different ways of doing things. Every way is acceptable and there will be appreciation for each and every way, no exception!

Sometime ago; I heard Ricky Martin saying what he fears the most about his stardom. And I thought, he is so right! He said only thing he is worried about is: loosing that touch/connection/magic, which has kept him appear/sound interesting to his fans/audiences/followers. But that does not stay forever, never stayed, no matter, how great/capable the artist/professional/ or the person is. It has to come to an end one day. And then someone else will take over. So, when we have it & until we have it, why not try it?

Ricky Martin was such a heartthrob, a decade ago and now? Ladies and Gentlemen: I present to you Ricky Martin then:

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