Posted on December 8, 2013
Location: London

Good Morning! Hope your weekend is still rocking and rolling?

I am sorry for taking this little break from my daily postings. It was not a break really, rather organizing few things. We don’t really stop, once we started. Desiderius Erasmus said once that “The desire to write grows with writing.”. So true! We never take up things knowingly, which we can not complete. Somehow we know our limitations, if we are not biased. It is only us, who can reassure our self that we can achieve anything (yeah that’s right!), anything if we really push ourselves. So the question that “Can we do this?” WAS never a valid one. It is rather “Can we be bothered?”! Do we agree or what?

Success is not guaranteed in every endeavour we undertake. It is not even guaranteed for the strongest or richest in the world. But if we prioritise the most important need to us on our agenda, we will be able to shield whatever we care most about. And that is what matters at the end of the day. THE MOST IMPORTANT need FOR US! What is that? The chicken? The egg? Do we know? Do I know? Did I know? Did you know? I doubt. It is not always straight forward. Sometimes it comes with much experience, endurance & trial. But it does get to us finally, if we try and are keen. It could be very much possible at the end of the tunnel, for us to realize that we neither wanted THE CHICKEN or THE EGG, rather all we cared about WHICH CAME FIRST? You know, what I mean?

Our Identifications ! Driving Licenses, Passports, CVs, Linkedin, FB profiles and many more, we all know of. What impression are these documents are capable of portraying about our self?  Name, DOB, Picture, Age etc or such type of things. But are these the things define our true self? Ask yourself? What about our personality, interest, values, the kindness in us, the ambitions and passions etc. NEVER NEVER NEVER comes out. It is forever closed, if we want to keep it closed. But why do we want to keep it closed?

Some people gifted to see far-off things yet may be blind to what is rightly available to them naturally as GOD’s gift. As with sight, so with insight. Not me, Not all! Hee Hee! I used to write in school/college magazines…you all liked it. I started posting in some social magazine…and you all liked it again. I started writing technical blogs…you liked it once again. I started with my daily postings in FB…some of you liked/some of you did not like. I received all the feedbacks with thankfulness only because without them I would not have been able to move from my first posting to the second one. Those suggestions/corrections are the ones; I try to focus on because others are natural anyways. But most important thing for me really; is the amount of pleasure I get myself from writing. It is beautiful; I wish I was able to explain better.

So this relationship between me, my writing and all my friends, who are kind enough to spend time reading those writing is GOING TO CONTINUE…And to strengthen our bond, I am going to introduce the medium which I worked on with all my heart and soul, hoping it is going to be appreciated equally with all your HEART AND SOUL!

Friends, Families, Comrades: I introduce you all to:  WWW.BIKASHMOHANTY.COM   Hoping many years of informative, interactive and eventful association.

What is your favourite word BTW? Mine is: SMILE and that’s why… need to listen, remember and sing this tune all day today and every time you feel like:

Have a fantastic day, you all! God Bless and remember to carry your SMILE out today. It is too sunny out there. I am going for a run…

Bikash C Mohanty

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