Posted on March 26, 2014
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Its election time in India!!! The general election will be held in nine phases, the longest election in the country's history, from 7 April to 12 May 2014 to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha in India. Voting will take place in all 543 parliamentary constituencies of India to elect Members of Parliament in the Lok Sabha. The result of this election will be declared on 16 May 14, before the 15th Lok Sabha completes its constitutional mandate on 31 May 2014.

While politicians are busy preparing responsibly for their selected career path, in politics – we the citizens are going to take this opportunity to discuss/anticipate/judge; irresponsibly/merrily for next two month. We’ll just sit, watch and debate – nothing else.

In our country – We notice that all our noted politicians are the owner of beautiful buildings, expensive cars, centrally located lands/properties, businesses, construction companies, Ownership in mining, dealership of multinational automotive companies/ retail brands and what not, USUALLY! Ohh pardon me; in case they don’t own these in their own name, very carefully they run these business empires, using the names of their wife, nephews, nieces, sons, daughters etc. If there shortage of relatives, then they try even their managers/secretaries/Personal assistants.

We have been very kind/consistent in our voting approach; where we allow similar parties to come to power, and rule our country, repeatedly. Parties prosper and so are the party workers or party leaders. Party leaders even repeatedly lead the party, for decades, for generations even. And we the people; sit there and call their son/daughters, as the Prince/princess of our country.

Why are they prince? Why not we or our kids? Just because they were born to some rich politicians? What’s the difference between the systems we are living now and then when outsiders ruled/looted us?

Some says Narendra Modi is the stronger leader, India has even seen. Some say; AAP/Arvind Kejriwal is going to bring Swaraj to our life/country once again. Others are still hoping Rahul Gandi because he from Congress and congress has always produced stable government in the past. Is that all? Some say, AAP is not ready as a political party to rule the country, as they lack experience (look what happened in Delhi, jokers could not sustain even few months!). Some say, congress leaders have looted the country more then the outsiders did in the past. Some say BJP can not sustain because of their extreme policies/past record for minority communities. Have you tried listening to these acclaimed politicians, while they are talking at the election rallies? Please do. They are just talking about one another. How they are good and others are bad.  That’s all. How rubbish? Where is your agenda? Where is your plan? Where is your difference? What can you tell us what we have not heard since 1947? Anything different, can you offer? Just talk about what you can do, not what others did in the past! AND we clap for these guys and allow them to loot us?

Which one is right and which one is wrong?  Who do we believe and who do we not? Our worry is not THEM! Our worry is only US! We are suffering because we are allowing them to torture us. They are looting us because we are silent. They are destroying our country because we are used to this. Is there anyone of them who didn’t create a bad example? Is there anyone of them who is not strikingly rich? Is there any of these politicians who don’t live in bungalows or are owner of many businesses and properties? They all are the same. Some of them are even uneducated, or less educated than us (you and me). Some of them have criminal records and have stayed in the jail for months/years. And STILL we trust them and allow them to rule our country. We consider these profiles are capable to rule our country as smart administrators, better than any one of us are capable of.   Majority of these politicians start as a middle class party worker with merely a hand-to-mouth kind of life. How do they become so rich all in sudden in a matter of just 5 year? Now; this is how they become rich!!!







I ndian coal allocation scam





Karnataka Wakf Board Land Scam





Uttar Pradesh NRHM scam




Uttar Pradesh

2G spectrum scam





Uttar Pradesh food grain scam




Uttar Pradesh

We are the owner of our country! Not Narendra Modi, not Rahul Gandhi, Not Arvind Kejriwal! We are also the owner of all the public money (tax, royalties, rent, revenue, land, water, mines, building, agriculture etc etc; that the Central/State governments collect every year). We are only mandating these politicians who have claimed to have come forward to look after our country as public servants. Those who offered us to be our Public servants, as their own will, for free of cost;  have now been able to turn the table and have claimed themselves as Kings and forcing us to accept their children as Prince/Princess! We need to remember; we are the masters, will always be. Hence we have the rights to ask/know/demand and suggest. That’s what we need to do. WE DON’T ALL NEED TO BE POLITICIANS TO BRING THE CHANGE TO THE COUNTRY OR FIGHT CORRUPTION. IN FACT; CHANGE WILL ONLY COME FROM THOSE; WHO STAY AWAY FROM POLITICS. MAHATMA GANDHI DIDN’T WANT THE POLITICAL POSITION; YET HE REMAINS THE MOST EFFECTIVE LEADER OF OUR COUNTRY, TILL DATE. We need to remember this! Like our freedom; change will come by our people only, not by any political party or political leader. The day we realize this, we are on our path of recovery…

If eternal vigilance is the price of democracy, every citizen has the duty to assess its workings. Yet, most of us spend a significant amount of time criticizing the establishment instead of trying to change it. Casting a vote once in five years is not enough for a democracy to thrive; its citizens must constantly monitor and engage with the government to ensure that it delivers the rights it promises to them.

Struggles to achieve this are seen across the country. Individuals and collectives need to put their weight behind democratic ideals, like the right to information , the right to local self-governance , and the right to monitor governments.

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