I was a dude before marrying!

Posted on January 1, 2014
Location: London
I was a dude before marrying!

Santa: The doctor told me to drink alcohol only one day a week.
Banta: But you drink everyday...
Santa: Yeah. He did not say which day. So I drink every day so as not to miss that day!

Santa: At last, my younger son bought Tablet with his own money.
Banta: That's wonderful. It's iPad, Samsung or ...
Santa: No No No. It's 'Crocin' for my headache!

Santa: I was a dude before marrying.
Banta: And what are you now?
Santa: Now I'm subdued!

Banta: Why did you beat your wife so much?
Santa: The ayurved told me to "beat properly" before administering the medicine to her!

Santa: Some grey bearded man is using my name and distributing Christmas presents.
Banta: You mean, Santa Claus?
Santa: Yes. I can't distribute gifts but can only spread happiness and laughter!

Santa: Computers will never replace books.
Banta: Why?
Santa: You can't stand on a CD or DVD to reach the top shelf!

Santa: I've got bad news for you. Your wife ran away with your neighbour.
Banta: Tell me the bad news first!

Santa to a doctor, "Doctor, I hear that you pay commission to the person who brings patients for you?
Doctor: I do. Where's the patient?
Santa: I'm the patient also!



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