Dietary Belief Systems!

Posted on December 27, 2013
Location: London
Dietary Belief Systems!

Many of us, most of our life, eat wrong things. We feel sluggish, constipated, and know also instinctively that our diet (meat for instance) was not doing us any good.

Morally, we have had no problem with the thought of killing and eating animals for food. Many of us were brought up in a meat/fish and two vegetable environments; a main meal did not feel like a meal unless it had these things...meat, fish, potatoes, vegetable, and occasionally some sweets/ pudding.

We never questioned the dietary belief systems, which we got introduced to, whether it is right to have meat in our diet. And eating meat is seen as the sign of prosperity these days , to some extent. That is just what everyone does, eat four meals a day and we just follow it.

But now; we live in an informative world. We have knowledge, we have resource, we have the reach and we have access to everything, which can help us find out what those food we eat, does to our body. Many of us feel dried up and dehydrated, most of the times. It could be because of, with up to three months worth of rotting dead animal backed up inside our colon. Yummy. No wonder we get to experience regular bad breath, swollen tummy and constipation. Wonder, why!

Veggies, fruit and other plants are natural foods for humans to eat. I doubt anyone would be able to challenge this. Every time there is a great discovery of a compound that helps cancer or other human illness, it comes from the plant kingdom. We'll never find an 'amazing discovery' that has been isolated in a lovely pork chop.

We need to come out of the myths of brainwashing and learned belief systems. How? Through our own experiments – let us consciously observe what each type of food we eat, does to our body. Let us observe how the body is reacting and how are we feeling mentally after consuming different types of food on different days/occasions. If we pay attention, our body will tell us everything; through our taste buds; through our mood; through the reaction of our body…what is good for us and what is not. A specific concoction of food, which is good for us, will be bad for another person, living a similar life-style. Every child is different, so is every man/woman and composition of their body…no?

It was an ALL-VEG CHRISTMAS celebration this year and honestly it just felt RIGHT!

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