Chuamaa - My Grandmother!

Posted on March 12, 2014
Location: London
Chuamaa - My Grandmother!

The first two week; after I return from India, from my annual vacation; are the worst two weeks of the whole year! I wish, I never had to return back from India. I stayed there forever and ever and ever! Why I have to come back here? Why I have to eat outside during lunch time? I used to have so nice food everyday, at home in India. And my bed at our home in India is the most comfortable bed I ever had experienced, in four different continents, luxurious hotels included.  WHY THEN? WHY I HAVE TO COME BACK or I came back? Why can’t I stay in India? Why I am so unlucky? Why don’t I get chance to stay in India for good? Why? A million dollar question indeed! I struggled to find answer and I am sure millions of those who love their country but are living abroad, have the same quest, in their mind.

My grand mother tells me stories even today, as she did when I was little. And when she does today, I go back to being little again…a curious little brat…with thousands of questions. Few days before I left India; I was sleeping next to her and giving her a massage. She likes my massage . I asked her to tell me something WISE, which can inspire me to remain peaceful, throughout my life.

She opened her story bag… not literally! She has this amazing memory at this age (she is 85+) to remember every little thing; she had gone through, experienced and read during the course of her life. She started…

  • Mahabharat  w ar lasted only eighteen days during which vast armies from all over the Indian (Bharatha) Subcontinent fought alongside the two rivals. The total number of army participated in the war are eighteen Akshauhinis. An Akshauhini was an ancient battle formation that consisted of 21,870 chariots; 21,870 elephants; 65,610 cavalry and 109,350 infantry, as per the Mahabharata.
  • At the end of the 18th day, only twelve warriors survived the war. Yudhisthira was crowned as the king of Hastinapur. He renounced the throne & crowned Arjuna's grandson Parikshit to rule the kingdom in stead. He then prepared for penance in the Himalayas with Draupadi and his brothers in what was to be their last journey.  At this juncture; Arjun was deeply confused! He didn’t understand the purpose of the battle, where they had to fight with their own family members, kill 109,312 soldiers, 150,000+ horses and 21,870+ elephants – AND WHEN THE BATTLE WAS WON; they are going to Himalayas for Penance?!!! Arjun went to Yudhisthira with his question, but Yudhisthira said “I am going to Himalayas but not I am not asking all of you to come along with me”.
  • Helpless Arjun went to Basudev (Lord SriKrishna) this time and asked him the same question. Basudev laughed out loudly. And said: “Parth; Duryodhan always wanted to be a king….ever since he was little. He wanted to be an emperor in fact and the most powerful one – but none of you five brothers ever wanted to be kings or rule your kingdom; did you?”. Basudev explained; “You only get what you honestly desire, Parth; because for achieving the same, you put your best efforts”. If you think about it Parth; Yudhisthira always desired Dharma; you always desired “Bhakti in me/Basudev”; Bheem always desired his food and Nakul/Sahdev always desired their mother’s affection. If that’s all you desired and put your best effort; how can you expect anything else as a result?

My grand-mother completed her narration and asserted: “So the moral of this story is: you get what you desire; when you put your best efforts. There is no role of luck/destiny/GOD between you and your desire ”. It is only your efforts/KARMA, THAT gets you, what you desire!

I WAS THINKING TO MYSELF: Is this not the answer to the question, we started discussing: Why can’t I stay in India? Why I am so unlucky? Why don’t I get chance to stay in India for good? Why? ”. I am not in India or can’t stay in India right now for any longer BECAUSE I have NOT put my best effort as yet to stay there permanently….no? It felt as if my grandmother was capable of reading my mind and hence she chose a story accordingly; to answer the question in my mind.

I was not done with the morals for the night. I kept demanding one more…one more…one more! She added “Today is that tomorrow, that we were worried about yesterday!”.   So the moral of this saying is: It is useless to worry about tomorrow on today. By doing that we are wasting yesterday, today and tomorrow. All three day, trust me!!!

So? Any complains? – that things are not the way we wish them to be? It felt as if, Basudev (Lord Krishna) was  asking this question & laughing out loudly...!

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