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CHRIS GAYLE's breakfast before hitting that 30-ball ton!

Posted on April 25, 2013
Location: London
CHRIS GAYLE's breakfast before hitting that 30-ball ton!

My curious mind kept thinking, – WHAT CHRIS GAYLE had for breakfast before hitting that 30-ball ton in IPL: 0-0-1-4-4-0-4-4-0-4-1-6-6-4-0-6-6-4-6-1-6-0-6-6-4-6-6-0-1-6.

It is far more impressive; what Gayle had for breakfast!!! So easy to find such impossible/indecent/improper/irrelevant information these days. Thanks to the growth of Google, Facebook, YouTube….media in general – everything is available at finger tip.

An omelette, a couple of pancakes and a mug of cocoa. That’s what Chris Gayle had for breakfast. For all of us who thought modern sport was about nothing but slow-release carbohydrates, isotonic drinks and protein supplements, it is cheering to see that history can still be made on a good, old-fashioned feed.


Reminded me of the breakfast; served in the five star hotels in India. Don’t tell anybody – that’s a secret. That’s one of the reasons I don’t miss a chance….. Thanks to some of the worthy employers, I worked for in the past, I got chance to stay for a month in a five star hotel in Bangalore and almost two months in a five hotel in Chennai. The hotel in Bangalore served those amazing miniature chicken sausages, Vadas, Idlys, Dosas and super hot filter Kaafee! You got to try; to believe in the taste of those miniature chicken sausages, when tried with colorful south Indian chutneys!

Goodnight boys and girls – I am going to bed – can’t bear this any further…BTW Chris Gayle stays at Leela Kampinski Hotel in Bangalore, if you fancy those extra special-energetic Pancakes (Dosas), Hot Chocolate and Chilli Omelette!

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