Chemical LOCHA!!!

Posted on December 23, 2013
Location: London
Chemical LOCHA!!!

There are a lot men think asif they are doing a woman a favour by asking for their hand in marriage.

But if we think about it after marriage:  she changes her name, changes her home, and leaves her family to be with her man. She moves in with her husband, builds a home with husband. Gets pregnant, bears a child, she almost gives up in the delivery room due to the extreme amount of pain she goes through at that moment. Even the kids she delivers bear the husband’s name. So it can’t be a man always doing a favour on woman.

Marriage isn’t about happily ever after.  It’s about work. And a commitment to grow together and a willingness to continually invest in creating something that can endure eternity. Through that work, the happiness will come. Happiness is not short term. It is a feeling still. How much, how often, how sustained and how maintained are all what makes it’s differentiated.  Marriage is life, and it will bring ups and downs. Embracing all of the cycles and learning to learn from and love each experience will bring the strength and perspective to keep building, one brick at a time.

But then again biology approaches to play it’s part.   They show it in movies, we hear jokes, we see it in action, we circulate these through text messages/emails and have a good laugh on the never-ending chronicles of human relationship! Woman and her man! Man and his woman.   Biological instability - Chemical LOCHA, yet an universal phenomenon. Look at the SPIDER-MAN!

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