Change begins with small things!

Posted on December 10, 2013
Location: London
Change begins with small things!

Colleague cited: have you ever listened to Arvind Kejriwal’s speeches? He is phenomenal! Arvind Kajeriwal has recently surprised himself and the country with his maiden debut with a political party, which has ousted the ruling National Congress party, from Delhi legislative assembly, where it has been ruling its third consecutive terms! It is certainly assuring to see a highly qualified man, taking keen interest in country’s politics, leaving behind his already successful professional career.

Political parties typically choose between Democracy and Marxism as their ideals, which then guide various objectives/agendas that are laid in front of stakeholders, to satisfy them before and after the election. So what is Arvind Kejriwal’s mission, ideals & his agendas/objectives?

Is he going to be supportive of capitalism, private ownership and the power of big money or he will be supporting nationalisation, which is aimed at equal distribution of wealth. Often this is a tricky situation. Equal distribution of wealth is not easy task as it may sound. Because without supporting capitalism, how is it possible to welcome foreign/institutional investors? How is it  possible to establish growth without investment? And how will the country sustain without growth? Political parties have to make tough choices as the voters, in order to be effective.

But the good news is: both the possibilities are viable. While America is one example of successful democracy, China is the other for successful Marxism. And it is in front of us. So who decides which principle to follow? Is it a political party? Hmmm…not really. It is us….it should be us, if not us. And it is only possible if we have knowledge/information on our rights and responsibilities as citizen of our country. That knowledge is the POWER. That is the difference between WEST and EAST essentially i.e. the ability of common man to impact and influence. The absence is the show-stopper which restricts India becoming a DEVELOPED nation. That is exactly what GANDHI was trying to achieve…is to involve people, inform people and evolve people of India.

That's why; Arvind Kejriwal’s noticeable agenda, which I quite liked myself, is the: Right to information. Citizens should have right to information, which are of public interest . At this stage, this is more than sufficient as an alternative option for the voters in India because? Because: Change begins with small things!


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