BNP Paribas Final now; between Del Potro and Nadal!

Posted on March 18, 2013
Location: London
BNP Paribas Final now; between Del Potro and Nadal!

I am watching the BNP Paribas Final now; between Del Potro and Nadal. In fact, this is Nadal’s first come back game I am watching; after his return from yearlong; time off from the tennis due to knee injury.

I have developed a strong likeness for Tennis in recent 6-7 years, by watching & playing myself regularly. And it has become MY second most favorite sports after cricket. I am quite biased about my choice of players and they attract me to the game, more than the game itself. Tennis has become more competitive in recent years with likes of Nadal, Federrer, Djokovic, Sampras, and Agassi.

However; I am a die-hard Nadal fan, not blindly but because of his sportsmanship both on and off the court. Frankly speaking I didn’t witness such a down-to-earth tennis personality before Nadal. Therefore I developed an instant likeness for him. All his winning speeches are so honest, cute and meaningful. One such player who says sorry to his opponent few times after winning the game. That is so adorable.

Federrer, Pete Sampras are the legends, they will always be for their technicality and for being spontaneous in the court. But personalities wise; both are so different. Sampras was more like Nadal, very polite and down-to-earth even when he was at his peak.

At times; I find it difficult to handle the ego in Federrer. But I think; he has tamed down a bit with age. I still remember the US open final between Federrer and Andre Agassi in 2005. Federrer responded to one of the question from a reporter saying “Agassi is playing against world no 1 and he has to pick up his game”. I kind of lost interest in Federrer since that day. Here you are 21 years old, saying something disrespectful about someone who is 36+ and already considered legend in the game! Sometimes I think Djokovic has similar attitude as Federrer had in his young days. Some say ego is necessary for you to be in the top spot consistently. I don’t think so – because there are exceptions such as Nadal, Pete Sampras, Sachin Tendulkar, who are excellent in their respective sports; yet so polite and polished.

BREAKING NEW: Nadal wins the BNP Paribas finals. That’s such a glorious come back. 22ND Master title and 52ND careers title and that in 26 years of life! What an achievement? WELL DONE, RAFA!

As tennis analysts say: Nadal is about physical strength and skills; Federrer emphasizes on practice and technicality; and impressive Djokovic is known for his mental strength & patience.

Irrespective of any profession, these are the qualities (Physical Strength, Skills, Practice, Technicality, Patience and Mental strength), takes someone from just-ordinary to extra-ordinary. Do we agree?

With that; friends, I’d like to take your leave. Wish you all; success for the week ahead. And I hope you continue smiling as you did last week. And thank you very much for that.

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