Birthdays should be celebrated!

Posted on October 11, 2013
Location: London
Birthdays should be celebrated!

A strange tranquillity felt as the clock touched the midnight/00:00HR of 11th October. I never got chance to celebrate my birthday with my family. My mother quite a spiritual one and my relationship with Dad were as formal as it is always between an Indian father-son. But they still remain the very first ones to wish me on my birthday, followed by my two beautiful sisters. It is only after I moved away from home; my friends celebrated my birthday. And this year was not different. Gentle knock on the door and bangs afterwards. I was worried who this could be, at such wee hours! Luckily, Rishi & I were still playing. That was such a pleasant surprise, thank you Baljeet, Aman, Minesh, and Namita…for making it special.

I always say to my friends that our friendship is a feeling, a connection…a very special one of course. I was wondering that so many friends, colleagues, acquaintances called yesterday…. some to wish me and some without knowing that it was my birthday. It was that connection, which got those friends to call me on my birthday, without knowing it was my birthday…but they felt they had to touch base yesterday for some reasons. It was such a awesome feeling.

My grand-father used to say, Birthday should be celebrated, no matter what. Your life is a grant/gift from the GOD. We could have become an ant, an elephant, a flower, a bird in this life, anything which has life but has no/less ability to feel, to think, to change, to do….the way we….the most intelligent species of GOD’s creation have. Because we have this special GRANT / GIFT in this life to be the most intelligent specie, we must celebrate life every day, if that is too much, at least on the Birthdays!

Thank you all my friends who wished me, thought of me, some even wrote lengthy letters from distant lands and some for their honeymoons. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. Forever Greatful!

With all my love, emotions, blessings & wishes
Bikash C Mohanty

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