A heavy, conscious, trusted silence = Beautiful outcome

Posted on September 4, 2013
Location: London
A heavy, conscious, trusted silence = Beautiful outcome

We often emphasize too much on words trying to make a perfect communication. But it is those other things, which actually help along to make a perfect communication; such as tone of the voice, body language, facial expression, gestures and SMILES! Do we agree?

Why should we communicate at the first place, when we are not ready to hear / willing to hear back from the other side? Communication is always a two way street! Ohh those British phrases, I allow forgiveness for those whom it makes no sense. Love is always a two way street. Hate is always a two way street. Trust is always a two way street and smile is always a two way street. Yet to find a sample, who does not return smile for a smile. Have you?

Often we hold back with fear; thinking that our communication might upset someone, no matter how sincere is our intension. We think, not to say a thing & keep quite. But is silence always a better option? Some might think so! And I am no different. I think a heavy, conscious, trusted silence can transform into something very beautiful. No; I don’t want anyone to try without a trust.

No matter what; forget not to SMILE, even with SILENCE! Hee hee…Good Night!

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