67th years of our country's independence !

Posted on August 15, 2013
Location: London
67th years of our country's independence !

We have reached 67th years of our country's independence today! India, the third world country people say, poor country they label it as! India was not poor, always as we are known for today.

It has been lush green with skills to administer itself, technology to cloth itself and landmass to grow food to feed itself. It is in the last 150 years before independence, that India became a basket case. Its blame lies on itself for not being prepared to defend itself against the imperial ambitions of outsiders and quarrelsome tendencies within, which invited the outsides to intervene and take advantage.

History says; India was probably the richest landmass on the earth surface, 200 years before its independence, became one of the poorest at the time of its independence and in spite of all that; the achievement in last 66 years since independence is not less than any country claim to have done in last 66 years.

We Indians greet others, by folding our hands & say Namaste...because we believe...that God resides in the heart of every human being.

We come from a nation where we allow a Lady of Catholic origin...to step aside for a Sikh to be sworn in as Prime Minister...to a Muslim President to govern a nation of over 80 percent Hindus.

Many of the origins to English words come from Sanskrit (one of the Indian language). For exampIe, maatr becomes mother...bhratr becomes brother, giamiti becomes geometry, trikonniti becomes trigonometry. We speak 1650 languages in total in our country alone.

We have 5600 newspapers...magazines in over twenty-one different Languages...with a combined readership of over 120 million.

We have reached the moon and back, but yet...people still feel that we've only reached as far as the Indian rope tricks, snake charmings & call-centers.

We are the third largest pool in the world of doctors, engineers and scientists.

We have the third largest army in the world. And today we are one of the top 3 powerful country list in terms of our ability to infludence world economy, power & politics! Yet...people still feel that we've only reached as far as the Indian rope tricks, snake charmings & call-centers.

And even then, WE fold OUR hands in humility before you & say “Namaste”...because we don't believe we are above or beneath any individual.

Happy Independence day everyone and Jai-Hind!

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