10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2013!

Posted on January 15, 2014
Location: London
10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2013!

With time and technology advancement, we see more & more vehicles becoming equipped & dependent on satellite navigation systems.  Aptitude of driver does not require him/her to know the route anymore. There is absolutely no need to study the map, turn the pages while driving or even remembering the map; when a small little device can help us do the job!

But never mind how intelligent those devices may be, they do not and they can not guarantee that there is only one possible way from point A to Point B. Different devices from different companies may have different route plans from Point A to Point B. What if we get confused in using multiple devices for the same purpose, offering same service? Do they confuse us or do they provide us genuinely needed options?

Think of the most frustrating, intractable, or simply annoying problems; technology is working to fix them all. Technology advancement is all about: providing us with solutions  to our problems , providing us with options, luxury, alternatives and making it easier for us…no? When its get too easier for us – then also we complain of being addicted to idleness and inviting illness!

Our biggest discoveries: Medicine to cure Cancer! Cell Phones to help cover long distance communication! Is there anything we could do to avoid cancer; rather than stressing to find medicines to cure it? Shall we avoid creating distances; rather than finding communication devices to cover the distance?

Through the process of evolution; we will soon discover what the cause of increased rate of cancer is in last two decades, than it was ever before. We will discover that the result of advancement in communication technology is to facilitate or to cause more stress/despair/chase/chaos.  At some point in time, we’ll chase to find the cause of a problem, rather than trying to find a solution to a problem.

Ladies and Gentlemen:  10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2013!

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