Waiting for your opportune moment!

Posted on May 17, 2013
Location: London
Waiting for your opportune moment!

Waiting for your opportune moment! And here it arrives…boom…in grand style…An opportunity to open the HISTORIC Cannes film festival!

Don’t know; every time I look at this man, it fills me with inspirations. Is it better to have a thick skin and be oblivious to insults and accusations or to have a thin skin and be sensitive, even to the slightest hint of criticism? We miss out on a lot when we become too hard or too soft. We need to find a way to pass from one extreme of the emotional spectrum to the other, according to the needs of the moment. If you ever wonder where your next enemy is likely to come from, take a look at some of your closest friends. I remember this dialogue from the movie I saw once in my childhood “Saudagar”. All it is ever going to take is a small deterioration in the relationship, until gradually, the trust gives way to mistrust. How difficult it is to survive through these times, when time and again your closest friends keep turning deadliest enemies, for no reason?

The man has gone through these all his life & every time he came out successfully and gracefully. So what’s wrong if he is my inspiration?

Please check this out:

AMITABH BACHHAN!!! the voice, the personality, the inspiration, the examples and the admirations, the honesty, the perception and one billion subscribers across the world! And if I go by (Na koi marta hai, Na koi maarta hai) (The body dies; spirit does not ) ; THE MAN is more or less immortal!

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