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Spice Village - A Proud Celebration of Pakistani Food!

Posted on January 7, 2014
Location: London
Spice Village - A Proud Celebration of Pakistani Food!

My friend travels quite a distance to be in my area, to see his accountant. Few times in a year he comes down. But before he leaves his home in the morning, he calls me to ensure, I don’t have other engagements but have time for him, to join him at his most favourite restaurant “Spice Village” for a hearty weekend meal, comprising of some lip-smacking Pakistani delicacies… ”World Famous Masala Fish” , “Week-end Nehari” , “Chilli-Naan” , “On-the-bone Lamb Karahi” , “Sikh-Kebabs” , “Tarka Daal” & the finest “Rice Pudding” .

I had introduced him to the restaurant many years ago and this practice has been continuing since then . On this recent trip over the weekend, I took him around to another Pakistani restaurant, which some of my other friends quite like. This restaurant has a reputation of being in the same location for over 18+ years and it is visibly runs at its full capacity most of the time. Most of the visitors are English; validating their orientation, food standards customer focus.

From the minute stepped in; till the time we came out of this new restaurant, my friend kept comparing everything to that of the “Spice Village”. He said; he will only visit “Spice Village” next time he is around. I could not agree more. There is no second “Spice Village”, they are the best food…customer service, quality…cleanliness, décor, location, friendly staff and the man himself behind the counter, who has plenty of smiles to offer and he never forgets asking “How are you doing?”. I have seen this restaurant growing 3 fold to their initial size in my area and opened two other branches in Ilford & in Southall…incredible achievements…in six short years! My rating: 4 / 5.   Seriously Delicious!!!

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