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Snapshots – A photograph that is shot spontaneously and quickly!

Posted on May 6, 2013
Location: London
Snapshots – A photograph that is shot spontaneously and quickly!

Beautiful line “Snapshots – A photograph that is shot spontaneously and quickly!”, said by my friend, who is also a keen photographer, a better photographer than me, indeed! Most of my photographs are snapshots only, no technicalities involved.

Something clicks to my mind and I click! Beauty is what appeals to me. Sometimes external, which all of us can see and most of the time it is internal beauty, which is visible to my specific set of eyes, which varies from person to person!

So, when the beauty is captured; I do ARTIFICATION – funny it sounds hey? There is no such word exists called “Artification”. To me; it is an imaginary word, which has a near meaning of like “Manifestation of Artful/beautiful images”. That’s all.

Karl Lagerfeld said once: “What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce”. How true? I wish I had a camera, when I was travelling/living in the USA, Middle-east, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, NewZealand. Not again; I shall let the moments go. So; you should “NOT”!

These photographs are my experience, my journey and my life story! Please enjoy! If you liked; just plant a beautiful smile on your face, I’ll get it right here, right now!

Please visit: imageartification.wordpress.com

With Compliments
Bikash Mohanty
Image Artification (…Journey of a boy, from a small town in India!)

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